Chapter THREE

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Chapter Three


Unfolding the letter again I read the words for the hundredth time. Currently I was going to tour the school and that was as far as the accepting had gone. I really wanted to accept but something didn't feel right about it. At least not yet.

"Still looking at that letter?" Chris asked as he slid beside me at the lunch table. Biting my lip I nodded and re-folded the letter. "What's there to think about? This has always been your dream."

Trays claddered on the table in front of us and I met Colin's happy eyes. He had no trouble, he was a wolf and wolves don't go to college. They stay with the pack and raise the next generation with their mates. The pack was centuries old and so was their money so there was no problems on that front.

I wanted to be part of the pack so bad that I realized if I'd been a wolf my longest dream would be crushed. Maybe being human had a slight perk, if you could call it that.

"I don't know yet." I whispered to Chris. "New York is so far away."

"You know we'd be there in a heartbeat if you needed us Kat." Chris smiled, "Besides you still have till Summer courses to make your decision."

"New York?" Spencer questioned obviously overhearing our conversation. "Big city, lots of cars, people and noisy as hell."

"That's the one." Thomas nodded, "Our baby sister got into NYU."

Raising my eyebrow I stared at him, "Baby sister? I'm older than you."

Laughter erupted from the guys and I found Colin's gaze. He had a slight smile on his face as he watched me and then turned away to watch as Spencer rambled about how wolves hate big cities.

"Don't you hate cities Colin?" Spencer asked after his long winded speech.

Colin hesitated, "Yeah, I mean but only because I'm a wolf. They intrigue me as a person though, I could see myself living there. If only for a little bit." His eyes flickering to mine before they went back to his plate.

Spencer snorted and once again went on a rant about how bad cities are. Tuning everyone out I focused on my food when finally the bell rang.

Tommy and Chris said goodbye and head back to the hallways as I made my way to the gym.

"NYU? That's impressive." Colin nodded, his hands in his pockets as he walked beside me.

"Um, thanks." I whispered and then without thinking I continued, "I'm not sure I'm going to go though."

"What? Why not?" His head snapped over to me, his eyes wide.

Shrugging I stopped and turned to face him, courage that wasn't mine began to blossom in my stomach. "I'm not sure. NYU has been my dream ever since I could remember, my dad went there and he loved it. But I thought getting accepted would feel better than this, you know?"

Colin's expression turned thoughtful, "You should go. You'll be amazing." And with that he walked away.

All throughout gym class I tried to catch Collin's eye but he was so busy talking to Via and who I'm assuming was Jasper to even notice I was there. A feeling of rejection settled in my stomach and my heart crashed painfully against my chest. Why was I getting so upset?

After school Tommy met me by the car, "I've got practice, Chris is going to drop you off on his way to work."

Minutes after Tommy hopped into a silver car Chris came scrambling towards me. "Sorry. Sorry." he muttered, chucking his backpack into the backseat as I slid into the passengers.

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