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Instead of wallowing like I wanted, I forced myself to go outside. I was sitting on the back patio when my mother and Chris came out of the woods, totally normal again. Well except for Chris, he was still angry but less so.

Biting my lip as they came closer I noticed my mother whisper something to Chris. Chris nodded and came to stand in front of me, watching me carefully.

"I'm so sorry Kat." He whispered slowly.

I shook my head and threw my arms around him. His body was tense and he didn't relax at all but he did hug me back. "Don't be sorry for who you are Chris. I love you." I snuggled into his chest.

Finally, he seemed to relax just a tiny bit, "Thanks Kat, I love you too." He kissed my forehead and I smiled.

When we pulled away his eyes were soft, "It's going to be okay Chris, I promise."

He shook his head, "She's not a very nice person Kat."

"What?" I asked, how could my brother's mate not be nice? I mean she was his mate, how was she going to fit into our little family if she was nice? "Why not?"

I saw his hands ball into fists at his sides, "It's nothing Kat. I just don't know how to... go about..."

"Please Chris, I want to know." I sighed, "I want to help you like you guys help me."

"You can't help with this one Kat. Trust me it's fine. I just need to figure out how to do something first." His face twisted in pain for a fraction of a second before it turned to anger and then to guilt. "I'll see you later Kat."

His voice dejected and nothing like his normal self. I waited until he was inside before I sat back down, I wanted him to be okay. Be he didn't seem like it. Something was wrong.

I brought both my legs up on the chair and leaned my chin on my knees. The wind was strong and cold but I didn't want to go inside. I didn't want to be in my room, or the living room, or even the kitchen. I just wanted to be cold, to feel something other than the stupidity of the sadness that I was feeling but I knew getting close to Collin, someone who has a mate, this was bound to happen.

He was bound to be interested in other girls to find his one. He's probably dated lots of them, he's probably went further than kissing with them too. I could feel my cheeks wet with the tears that I was shedding just from the thought. Was that a double standard? I mean I've been further than kissing but did it count when it was forced and completely unwanted?

"Kat?" His voice made me jump and I quickly ran my fingers under my eyes. Happy thoughts Kat, happy thoughts. Smile. "Shit, you're freezing." He hissed as he stripped off his sweatshirt and placed it over my head.

"Colin." I groaned but placed my arms through the sleeves. It was warmer and smelled way nicer than what I was wearing.

"Hey, are you okay?" He asked while kneeling in front of me. I nodded and tried to get the sweatshirt to protect me from his piercing stare. "No you're not Kat." His sighed, "There are tears in your eyes and your face is wet." His fingers grazed my cheek.

Shivering I pulled away from his touch. "I'm... fine." My teeth chattered because of the cold.

He sighed and picked me up. "No, Colin put me down." I whined but he didn't listen as he grabbed the crutches before carrying me inside. My mother was in the kitchen and smiled as we past. I crossed my arms over my chest as he carried me all the way to my room.

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