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"Let's go. Let's go." My mother called up to my brothers who were slowly making their way down the stairs. "We're leaving in three minutes and if you want to say goodbye you're going to have to make it quick."

Chris reached me first and crushed me to his chest. "I'm going to miss you Kat. Have fun in New York, alright?" He asked.

"I'll try." I rolled my eyes.

"And thanks, for talking to Lucy." He smiled.

"No problem." I nodded and then Tommy was there wrapping his arms around me tightly, "I. Can't. Breath." I managed between gasps.

"Oops." He smirked and let me go, "Don't forget to bring me back a gift."

Laughing I nodded, "Sure, I won't forget."

My mother took my hand and started to pull me out the door when Hannah pushed her way past my brothers and hugged me. "I'm going to miss you."

"I know. I'm going to miss all of you too." I told her and paused. "Any special requests?"

"Just one." She nodded letting me go, "Go to some clubs and make new friends."

Rolling my eyes again I reluctantly nodded, "I'll try Han."

Then I was really pulled out of the house, "We're going to miss your flight if we don't leave now." My mother told me pushing me gently into the car.

I waved to my siblings as they watched the car leave. I was excited more excited then I've been in a while and I was sad, more sad than I've been in a while too. The sadness stemmed from missing my family already but it mostly was because I was missing a crucial part of me.

The feeling of his lips on my skin still brought tingles to my body every time I thought about him. I missed him even more since then, the feeling of missing him never really went away. It was constant and never dulling.

As we boarded the plane I wanted one of those epic scenes that you see in the movies, the one where the guy comes running and tries to stop you from leaving. But he didn't come. I knew that if he asked me to stay, to not go to New York I would have stayed for him. I would have stayed because he asked.

My tears that I've been crying since he left me were still falling as the plane took off. A few hours later we landed and my mother was on edge. Looking over her shoulder at me as we wait for the cab she gave me a grin.

"Cabs here." My dad grinned even wider at me, "You're going to love this Kat. I know you are."

I couldn't agree, I wouldn't love it if he wasn't here beside me. He being Colin obviously.

Once I let myself think his name I could feel the hollowness in my chest grow as pain coursed through my body. I had the feeling that this was normal, this reaction to someone leaving shouldn't have been so intense. Even when I broke up with Shane multiple times I've never felt like this.

Maybe it was because I loved Colin more than I've loved anyone before. It hit me then, in the back of the cab with my parents on either side of me that I did love Colin. That if he was to find his mate tomorrow and he'd officially never be mine I'd be crushed. Way more crushed than right now. Because right now I have a chance, a small one I'll admit, but a chance nonetheless.

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