Chapter EIGHT

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Chapter EIGHT


Darkness had me surrounded and I was alone. I couldn't see anything in front of me and I clutched the gun in my hand tightly. I could feel his eyes on me. He lured me away from my family, he wanted me weak. Weak and alone.

I felt a rush of wind around me and a large heavy force knocking the gun from my hand and to the ground. Quickly I dropped to my knees in search for the only thing that would keep me alive. A dark and threatening growl could be heard above me and I felt his warm breath fan my skin as the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

"Shane." I whisper as I tried to crawl away from him, "Please."

The wolf growled and swiped my face. I let out a loud scream of pain as I clutched the right side of my face that was beginning to bleed profusely. I heard a popping sound and then I felt Shane's hands on mine. I screamed in pain when he pressed his fingers into the cuts deeper, making the pain double, he was going to kill me.

But I was wrong. He was going to have his fun first. His hands were everywhere and I kept screaming and crying. It hurt so much. Shane had been my best friend, my boyfriend. I had trusted him and he was taking something I didn't want to give him. He was raping me.

I thrashed and screamed for him to stop, I pleaded but the pleads fell on deaf ears. Or I thought. He laughed as he pressed on my cuts to keep the blood flowing, never allowing the pain to cease and the screams coming. I screamed over and over but I lost so much blood I felt like this was it. I was dying. And when I closed my eyes, I didn't think I was ever going to open them again.

"Kat?" A voice asked franticly, "Kat!"

I was instantly cold, like ice water had been dumped on me as my eyes flew open, "No!" I shouted and my mother was staring at me with worried eyes.

"They haven't stopped, have they?" She asked and I shook my head, seeking comfort in her.

"Is she okay?" I heard his voice ask and I gripped my mother tighter. What was he doing here? I peered around my mom to see that my entire family was staring at me along with Tommy's group of friends, Colin included, and everyone had a worried look on their faces.

"She going to be fine." My dad told them, sternly. "I'm sorry to do this boys but I think it's time for you guys to head on home."

No one argued but Colin stared at me longer than anyone else and was the last to leave the room. I found myself wishing that he hadn't left.

I just had the most embarrassing moment of my life and all the guys were there to see it, Colin was there to see it. My face grew red, they'd never come near me again. But was that such a bad thing?

"I'm fine." I assured everyone after a few minutes. "Bad dream."

"It's okay," My mother held me to her chest, "You don't need to be strong, don't push us away baby."

She was onto me so I try to sound confident as I say, "I'm not. Really, I'm fine."

"Kat." She sighs, "Don't try to make us leave if you're not ready."

Nodding I took a deep breath and allowed my family to stay by my side. Another ten minutes passed and I'm sure this time, I want to read and forget for a while. "I'm good now. Swear, I just want to read." I tell them.

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