Chapter THIRTY

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Chapter Thirty


Colin was staring at me, his eyes holding a warmness that I wasn't used to but love all the same.

"I..." He started to say, his smile widening as he spoke.

"Kat?" Nick's voice pierced my perfect dream with Colin and it brought me back to where I was in reality. On the sidewalk in New York, surrounded by people, my friends included.

"Oh." I mumbled and looked around, surprised. I'd kissed Colin in front of all these people? Wow. I was usually so opposed to PDA that kissing someone in public would usually be something I'd shy away from.

I took a step away from Colin so I wasn't in his arms anymore but I took his hand tightly in mine as I faced my friends. "Um, this is Colin." I blushed, not meeting any of their eyes.

Nick was looking at us with narrowed eyes when I finally had the courage to look at them while Jess and Anna were openly checking out Colin. I bit my lip and I looked up at Colin.

His stance was relaxed as he looked to the three standing in front of us. "Hi." He smiled pleasantly. Nick's eyes narrowed even more and Jessica giggled.

"We should get going if we don't want to wait in line." Anna gestured over her shoulder with amusement. "I'm Anna by the way."

Colin took Anna's hand and shook it as Jessica reached for him as well, "I'm Jessica and this is Nick." She threw her arms around Nick's rigid frame.

"Nice to meet you guys." He laughed and then he looked to me, his face lighting up and I could feel myself glowing with happiness with him by my side. "Should we go then?" He asked.

I nodded, I'd go anywhere with him. He pulled me in close to his side and held me there, kissing my temple as we followed my friends.

The club was so loud we could hear the pounding music before we even opened the door. Colin never left my side and I'm going to be completely honest in saying I've never felt safer. The intensity from his stare was enough to make anyone notice that he'd protect me from every single one of them.

Colin's warm hand was on the small of my back as we stood by the bar when Nick leaned in. "The usual?" He smirked and I nodded.

"Yes please." I laughed. I saw Nick's eyes flicker to behind me briefly before flagging the bartender.

The song switched causing Nick's head to whip around to face me again and I smiled. "It's fate Kat." He laughed, pulling my hand as he led me to the dance floor. This was the song that Nick made me listen to a billion times while we studied, it also just so happens to be the song we danced to when we first came to this club.

I watched as Nick did he little two step before we synced up to do the rest of our choreographed dance. Laughing as the song came to an end I looked back at the bar where Colin was watching us, his eyes not quite as light as they were earlier.

Nick grabbed my hand and led me back to the bar, it felt wrong to hold his hand now and I repelled his touch.

As soon as I was close enough to Colin, I stumbled into his arms. He caught me easily and the smile returned but it didn't quite reach his eyes. "Dance with me?" I asked softly as I looked up at him.

"Sure." He nodded and pulled me away from the bar, once we were in the middle of the dancing bodies he pulled me in tightly and I smiled as our bodies touched. We moved to the song for a while and then he whispered in my ear. "You've changed."

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