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Kat's POV

Colin's been by my side since school ended, which was hours ago. We were in my basement playing video games when the door opened to the upstairs and we heard voices.

Tommy and his friends came down the stairs laughing and joking, pausing when they saw us. "It's okay, I'm going to go to bed." I smiled at them and grabbed my crutches to make my way past them. I could feel Colin behind me and I sighed turning to face him.

"Why don't you hang out with your friends?" I asked, of course I wanted him with me always but he'd been hanging out with me non stop that I'm worried he will forget his other friends.

His face dropped and he refused to meet my eyes as he nodded. "Yeah, I guess I could."

"Colin, I just want you to know that you can hang out with other people and I won't feel bad." I tried to smile but he looked too hurt for me to fully smile, "I'll be upstairs if you want to come up but try to have fun with them."

This was me asking for space, asking him to come up stairs when he was bored. It was a start at least. I hated the feeling the captured my heart as he nodded without speaking a word. Turning around suddenly he went back downstairs and I sucked in a breath, my tears spilling onto my cheeks.

I knew that this was for the best, a little separation in practice for the big one in a few months when I went to New York for the summer, or for when he found his mate and completely forgot about me.

"There you are!" Spencer laughed as he made his way through the front door as I started to climb the stairs. "I looked for you after school but I couldn't find you or Colin. Is he here too?" He asked looking around for him.

"Yeah." I sniffled refusing to meet his eyes, "He's downstairs with the guys."

"Are you okay?" He asked, his voice giving away the concern that he'd felt. "You look.."

"I'm fine." I told him quickly and then gestured to the stairs, "I'll see you later Spencer." I walked up the stairs as fast as I could but the crutches hurt my arms so it took a little longer and I wished Colin would have carried me up the stairs like he'd been doing since my cast.

It was midnight when I realised that he wasn't coming back. I guess it was good that he wasn't, I need to learn how to do this by myself. I'd become so dependent on him it wasn't even funny.

My book was less interesting than normal and I needed a new distraction. Getting out of bed was a challenge and I allowed myself to smile as I made my way to the stairs. The house was dark and quiet as I made my way into the kitchen. Turning on the light I gave a heavy sigh and started roaming the cupboards.

I made 36 cupcakes, a full cake, about two dozen chocolate chip cookies and some muffins for breakfast before the clock showed that it was seven. I was just starting on another batch of muffins when Tommy came into the kitchen.

"What are you doing?" He asked, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

Jumping I turned to face him and gave him a nod as a greeting before I was focusing on the batter again.

"Kat." He groaned as he slid into the stool on the other side of the counter I was using. So much for hiding my face. He was quiet for a few moment as he watched me and then growled lowly, "Did Colin hurt you?"

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