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Kat's POV

In the morning I still didn't have a reply from Colin and an uneasy feeling settled in the pit of my stomach. Had I been too cold? Maybe, but I had too.

I wanted the week to be over, I wanted to go home and be back with Colin. Hanging out and just enjoying the time I got to spend with him. I missed him so unbelievably much that it was crazy to me, I missed who I was when I was with him.

My phone was face up as I patted around the room trying to get ready for the day, it was easier now without the cast and I was happier about that. Well I guess Happier wouldn't be the right word to say. I wasn't all that happy about anything the past few days.

Forcing myself to leave the phone on the table I made my way into the kitchen where the rest of family was.

"How's the leg?" Chris asked taking a sip from his orange juice.

"Okay." I shrugged and grabbed a pancake. I could feel eyes on me but I refused to look at any of them as I kept my eyes trained on my plate. I could already tell today was going to be one long day.

"Have you heard from your friends?" Gran asked. I froze for a moment before I shook my head not trusting myself enough to speak.

Colin was busy. I'd been avoiding him for the past week, it's only fair that he ignore me too. I just missed him, so much. I let out a small sigh that they all heard and I felt Hannah scoot closer to me.

"It's going to be alright." My mother said and I could tell that she was smiling from the perkiness in her voice. "Our house will be fixed in a few days and until then we have much to do. Chris needs to finish up the 'unbeatable' level of his game, Tommy has a few more things to beat Peter at before we leave, Hannah needs to practice hair and makeup on Bella and Lauren, and my Kat needs to learn how to walk again."

Laughter rang around the table and was surprised when a smile stretched across my lips as well. "First," Chris stretched, "I need a run, anyone else?"

Hannah and Tommy both jumped up, the three of them laughing and chatting happily as they left through the back door. My eyes watched them leave and I felt a sadness in my stomach. They were always going to have that to do together and I'd have to accept that I'd never be able to participate in that kind of thing.

"They're just restless." My Gran spoke softly as she gently placed her hand on mine. I nodded and looked down again. Maybe I was more dramatic lately, I've never been this dramatic before...

My Grandad walked in and placed a kiss on my forehead. "Good morning Katrina."

"Good morning." I mumbled with a bored tone.

"How about Gran and I take you out today?" He offered, "Anything you'd like."

I gave him a half hearted smile, "Okay." His eyes crinkled and the warm smile that I loved spread across his face.

"Go get dressed dear, we'll leave when you're ready." Gran smiled and I stood up not saying anything as I left the room. I changed quickly only sparring one glance at the phone that held no messages from the only person I wanted to talk too.

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