Chapter FIVE

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Chapter FIVE


My dress for the dinner party was a knee length black dress and my hair was wavy but pinned back. Hannah walked in with her own purple dress and her hair in a fancy updo. She smiled when she saw me and I felt my confidence drop, Hannah was 10x more gorgeous than I could ever hope to be.

"You look amazing!" Hannah squealed as she fixed a part of my hair.

I blushed and shook my head, "Thanks but have you looked in the mirror. You're stunning."

"Thanks." She beamed and then noticed the drapery covering my mirrors her smile fell. "Are you okay?"

I nodded and grabbed a jacket, incase I got cold, and walked down the stairs. Hannah followed behind me and were greeted by the rest of the family at the bottom of the stairs.

"Hannah, you're beautiful." I heard everyone gush over my little sister.

"Oh, Kat." My mother engulfed me in a tight embrace, "You're in a dress! Honey you look so beautiful."

"Never thought I'd see the day where you were in another dress." Chris smirked on our way out. I blushed, turning away from their awe filled stares.

The drive to the Reeds was short they must have lived three blocks over, in a modest yellow house that was surrounded by trees.

My parents walked ahead of the rest of us, then it was Hannah and I with Tommy and Chris bringing up the rear.

The door opened before my parents could even knock and a squeal could be heard from inside. "Laurel! Frank! Come in."

A tiny brown haired wolf ushered us all in with a warm and excited smile. "The teens are downstairs and the other adults are right thru here." She pointed to the stairs and then to the living room where I could see about a dozen couples chatting.

We all followed after Chris who led the way down the stairs. The closer we got the louder it became. Music was blasted through the speakers which caused the chatter to be like a shouting match just to be heard.

Nobody looked at us as we descended the stairs to which I was thankful for. Tommy went to the boys that were playing a video game, Hannah walked over to a group of girls who laughed and welcomed her like old friends. Chris studied the room for a moment before making his way over to guitar group in the back.

Awkwardly I stood at the foot of the stairs while watching the rest of the party goers have fun. I should have brought a book, I groaned and that's when I spotted Via talking to Colin who was giving her his full attention, he was laughing at something she said when he saw me. I gave him a small smile and turned away.

I was hurt, naturally but I shouldn't be. He wasn't mine and he never would be, he had a mate somewhere and Via was her problem not mine.

"Hey Kat." Bradley appeared in front of me, "You looked lonely so I thought I'd say hi."

Smiling slightly at him to show that I wasn't a total bitch, I nodded, "Um Thanks."

"There you are!" Hannah broke from the group of girls she'd been talking too, "Taylor was telling me that you weren't going to make it."

"She's a liar." He growled as he looked to the group of girls, who all giggled when he looked at them.

Tuning them out I looked around the party again. Colin was still talking with Via but kept sending me curious looks. My eyes stopped when they noticed another person sitting alone. Time to make a friend I guess.

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