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"So Luthor didn't chicken out?" Alex teased when Kara told her the good news.

"You knew?" Kara asked, glancing at a beaming Lena who was playing on the couch with Merc. "How? When? Why?"

"Lena actually asked for my permission to marry you," Alex answered. "She wanted to make sure that I thought she was worthy."

"No," Lena corrected, coming up behind Kara and hugging her waist. "I wanted to show my respect to you. Call me old fashioned, but I wanted Kara's personal bodyguard to be happy with our engagement."

"I love old fashions!" Maggie called from the couch.

She was playing with Kara and Lena's puppy. Besides the two of them, Maggie seemed to be his favorite person. Alex shook her head and pushed her girlfriend back into the couch, but she was smiling.

"Speaking of alcohol, I bet you guys haven't said any celebratory champagne, have you?" she asked, grabbing a bottle from the kitchen.

Alex held the bottle out to Lena, who gladly accepted it and popped the corker the ease. Kara jumped a little at the popping sound, and she let out a little whoop of celebration. Lena cocked an eyebrow, sending nervous butterflies back into Kara's stomach.

"For a Superhero, you sure are jumpy," she remarked, seeming amused.

"I don't like sudden noises," Kara said. "Especially when they sound like gunshots and your in the vicinity."

"The pop of a champagne cork does not sound like a gunshot, you dork." Lena rolled her eyes, pulling Kara closer to her. "Just admit you're a chicken."

Lena's teasing made Kara a little flustered.

"I'm not a chicken," she muttered. "I've fought criminals, and robots, and alien threats, for Rao's sake!"

"Whoa, little Danvers, chill out," Maggie said. "Your fiancée was only kidding."

"Don't worry, love," Lena said, handing Kara a glass of champagne. "I understand that you were only startled, not scared. Besides, I get scared fairly easily too."

"Of what?" Kara questioned. She had never seen Lena afraid of anything that wasn't able to kill her.

"Heights," Lena admitted.

"But you seem fine when we fly."

"That's only because I'm with you and I trust you not to drop me. Put me on a ferris wheel and I'll go ballistic. Oh, and roller coasters. If you hadn't suggested it, we would've never rode Space Mountain at DIsney."

"Anything else?"

"Losing you," Lena said softly, wrapping an arm around Kara's shoulder and earning a chorus of awwws from Alex and Maggie.

Kara gave her a look that seemed to say, go on. Lena fidgeted a bit. Kara could tell that she was hiding something.


Lena mumbled something inaudible.

"What was that?"

"Bugs. I'm scared of bugs. Terrified, actually."

"Bugs?" Kara laughed.

Lena slapped her arm and glared at her. Her cheeks flushed pink with embarrassment, and she furrowed her eyebrows.

"It's not funny! Kara, stop laughing! You're afraid of thunderstorms and scary movies and champagne corks, for crying out loud!"

"What kind of bugs?" Kara asked, managing to keep herself together.

"Pretty much anything that's not a fruit fly." Lena's blush deepened. "Especially praying mantises. Those things are creepy."

She shuddered, and this time it was Kara's turn to wrap an arm around Lena's shoulders. Kara flashed Lena one last teasing smile and pressed a kiss to her forehead. The other woman looked embarrassed yet happy. Kara felt the soft material of the baby blue sweatshirt that Lena was wearing as she trailed her fingers up her back and realized something.

"Are you wearing my sweatshirt?"

"Maybe..." Lena said. "For luck."

"It looks good on you," Kara remarked. "You look really hot, Lena..." she trailed off, looking at Lena's messy hair that fell around her shoulders and her tight black jeans.

"Get a room," Maggie called, seeing the look that Kara was giving Lena.

Alex awkwardly downed what was left in her champagne glass, and Kara refused to make eye contact with her sister. It looked like both she and Lena were doing a good job embarrassing themselves.

"Well, Kara and I should probably get going," Lena said, also noticing Kara's longing glances at her body and taking Maggie's comment as a segway to leave. "Before Kara and I can make even bigger fools of ourselves. Right love?"

Kara nodded and followed Lena back out the door, almost forgetting Mercutio in their haste to leave. Luckily, Maggie chased them down the hall and managed to get the dog back into Kara's arms before the elevator door closed. So much for not making bigger fools of themselves.

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