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(A/N this chapter was inspired by @strix04 , who suggested that Kara should be jealous of Mercutio. I thought it was an adorable idea, so here you guys go!)

Kara frowned at Mercutio, who was sleeping in Lena's lap. He was in her spot. That should be her. Lena exchanged an uneasy glance between Merc and her fiancée.

"Would you stop glaring at the dog and tell me what's wrong?" she asked almost tentatively. "You're kind of freaking me out."

"You seem to really like him," Kara pouted.

"Is that a bad thing?"

"It is if you like him more than me."

"You're serious right now?" Lena clarified. Kara nodded. "Kara, love, don't be ridiculous! Of course I don't like the dog more than you."

"Are you sure?" Kara demanded. "Because he sits on your lap more than I do, now. And you used to give me your leftovers after dinner, but now you put them on his dish. And you haven't called me 'puppy' in over a week!"

"Kara..." Lena trailed off. She gave the upset blonde a pointed look. "Darling, are you really jealous of a dog?"

Kara pouted in the corner, refusing to look at Lena. Lena managed to grab Kara's hand without waking the sleeping puppy in her lap Ned began to rub her thumb in circles over Kara's palm. Kara tried not to give in, she really did, but Lena's hands were so soft, and she smelled so nice, and she was looking anther so lovingly, so Kara reluctantly moved to sit on the armrest so that she could be closer to the beautiful, dark haired girl.

"Alright, Love," Lena soothed, rubbing her hand up and down Kara's forearm. "What can I do to make you feel better?"

Kara murmured something under her breath and felt her cheeks go hot. She knew she was being childish, but she couldn't help it. Lena asked her to repeat herself, not quite catching what Kara had said.

"Tell me that I'm your favorite puppy," she repeated, blushing further.

Lena gave her a warm smile and pulled her onto the other side of her lap.

"You're my favorite puppy," she whispered into Kara's ear, pushing a strand of Kara's hair out of the way. "Could you tell me something?" she asked the grinning Kryptonian. "Tell me that you think I'm the sexiest CEO in National City."

"I think you're the sexiest CEO in the galaxy," Kara responded.

"Even sexier than James Olsen?"

"Way sexier than James Olsen."

Lena grinned and pressed a kiss to Kara's forehead.

"Thank you, puppy."

"You're welcome, sexy."

"Don't call me that when we're not alone," Lena instructed, trying unsuccessfully to hide her blush.

"I dunno," Kara mused. "I think I might just start calling you that. I kinda like it."

"Kara," Lena warned.

"Hi, Jess, in here to see Sexy. Is she in her office?" Kara teased. "Sexy and I went out last night. Yes, Snapper, I'd be happy to interview Sexy for you."

Lena couldn't help but laugh. She gave Kara's shoulder a well meaning shove. Kara snuggled closer into Lena's shoulder.

"You really are sexy," she purred.

Lena gave her a look and bit her bottom lip, something Kara wasn't unaccustomed to seeing. The brunette leaned forward, and the blonde met her halfway, their lips crashing together. Lena wrapped her legs around Kara. Merc gave a little help as he crashed to the floor. Kara practically died of laughter as Lena dove towards the floor, trying to comfort the small animal, but he ran straight to Kara.

"Aw, did Lena knock you off of the couch?" Kara smiled. "She's a bully, isn't she? I think it's pretty obvious who her favorite is now."

"Very funny," Lena grumbled, giving Mercutio an apology pat.

"Is Sexy not amused?" Kara teased.

"Maybe Mercutio is my favorite puppy, now."

That successfully wiped the jeering grin off of Kara's face. Lena gave her expression an amused glance and patted her hand.

"I'm only kidding, Love. Don't get so upset."

"Don't kid about who your favorite puppy is, Lena," Kara said, deadly serious. "It's very important to me that I'm always your favorite."

"I dunno," Lena sighed. "I can teach Merc to fetch."

Kara sat bolt upright. She was determined to be Lena's favorite puppy.

"I can fetch!" she practically screamed. "Point to anything, I'll get it for you! Do you want some coffee? Or lunch? I know a place in Mexico that makes the best nachos!"

"Calm down, puppy," Lena cooed. "Don't wear yourself out. How many times do I have to tell you that you're my favorite puppy."

Kara could feel her pulse returning to normal. She stuck her tongue out at the squirmy little puppy on her lap, but she couldn't stay mad at him. He wagged his tail happily and climbed up to sit on her collarbone, nudging her cheek with his head, which meant he wanted to be petted. Kara happily obliged.

"You hear that?" she said, stroking his fluffy back. "I'm the favorite."

She grinned and nuzzled Lena's face with the top of her head the same way Merc had just nuzzled her face. Lena sighed and began to rub the top of Kara's head, and Kara was in heaven.

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