Trick Or Treat

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Kara fixed her cape and admired herself in the mirror. She was so excited to see the looks on the kids faces when they opened the door to find Supergirl passing out the candy of in Lena's penthouse apartment. She grinned gleefully and skipped into the living room.

"Hey, Super Puppy," Lena greeted.

As usual, she was sitting on the couch with Merc in her lap. Kara was happy to find that the term hadn't lost any of its endearment even after being used so callously by Lex. Lena was smirking at Kara's giddy energy. She rocked impatiently back and forth on her toes. A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Kara rushed forward and pulled it open, almost ripping it off of its hinges with her super strength. There stood an awestruck little boy.

"Tri-trick or treat?" he breathed.

"Hi!" Kara said warmly, picking up the bucket of candy on the side table. "Here, take a handful."

"You're Supergirl!" the kid cried, seeming to remember how to speak.

"Uh-huh. And who are you?" Kara asked.

A wide smile was plastered across her face. The boy in front of her looked as though he was about to faint.

"Danny. I'm Danny."

"Nice to meet you, Danny," Kara said. She stuck out her hand, which Danny gladly took, and gave him a firm handshake. "Happy Halloween, Danny," she smiled.

"Goodbye, Supergirl!" Danny practically screamed.

He ran back to his parents with shouts of, "Mom! Dad! It's her! It's really her! Supergirl!"

Kara squealed to herself and closed the door almost as swiftly as she'd opened it. This was going to be a fantastic night!


Lena emptied yet another bag of candy into the plastic Halloween bucket by the door. She had anticipated Kara's willingness to give away candy and the handfuls she would try to sneak out of the bowl, so she had bought six huge bags of candy for the night. They were already on the fourth bag. Kid after kid after kid rushed to Lena's door when the news that Supergirl was handing out candy in her apartment had spread.

Kara smiled at Lena's usual preparedness and shoved yet another fun size candy bar into her mouth. As expected, Merc had gone crazy every time the doorbell had rung, and he had been pleased to make the acquaintance of several other puppies, who Kara, of course, had dog treats for. It was after eleven when kids finally stopped coming to Kara and Lena's door to see Supergirl. However, as Kara turned off the orange and black Halloween lights in the hallway and shut the door after the last little girl, she looked around and could not find Lena.

"Hey, babe, where are you?" she called into the seemingly empty apartment.

Kara walked cautiously through the mostly dark penthouse apartment. She was careful not to wake Merc, who was sleeping contently on the couch. Moving silently through the living room, she noticed that the door to their bedroom was closed. She knocked a couple of times.

"What do you say on Halloween when you knock on a door?" Lena called from inside.

Kara shrugged. She could play whatever game this was.

"Um, Trick or Treat," she said slowly.

Without her super hearing, she wouldn't have been able to hear the faint sound of Lena's bare feet hitting the expensive carpeting of the bedroom floor. The door creaked open just a tad. Her curiosity peaked, Kara stepped into the room, which was lit with candles.

"I wanted to wait until you were done passing out candy to show you my Halloween costume," Lena said, closing the door behind her.

"Rao," Kara breathed.

There stood Lena, wearing something similar to what Winn had originally made for Kara's super suit: short red spandex and a navy long sleeved halter top with the House of El's coat of arms emblazoned on the front. Her dark hair hung messily around her shoulders and a little smirk played on her red lips.

"I'm sexy Supergirl," her fiancée purred, giving a little turn. "Do you like it?"

Kara couldn't manage to stutter anything coherent. She just nodded, taking in the sight in front of her. Lena stepped closer. Kara's breath hitched as she felt arms reaching around her neck. Her cape was slowly detached from her shoulders.

"All I need," Lena whispered in her ear, "is this."

Kara watched Lena pull her cape around her shoulders and strut around the room. She seemed amused with Kara's gaping expression. Kara stared at Lena's long, cream colored legs, started at her wavy locks of hair, stared at her wet lips and her green eyes that held a hint of mischief, and the Kryptonian realized that fantastic didn't even begin to cover how great tonight would truly be.

When Kara woke up the next morning and found Lena wrapped up in only her cape and breathing lightly, she realized something: she was totally and utterly whipped. 

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