Supercorp Christmas

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(A/N I realized that I hadn't done a Christmas chapter yet, so I immediately had to fix that. The chapter after next should be the more serious one, but this one is the holidays, and the next one will just have ice skating, not agnst)

Lena looked so hot in her reindeer sweater. She sat with her knees brought up to her chest, smiling shyly at Kara's family, and Kara began to think thoughts that she should definitely not be thinking in her childhood home. Swallowing hard and trying not to look guilty, Kara leaned against Lena's shoulder and secured the blanket over their laps.

Lena and Eliza seemed to get along great. They were both nerdy women who cooked to relieve stress. The easy conversation between Kara's girlfriend and her mother mostly consisted of swapping recipes, discussing the principles of organic chemistry, comparing Shakespeare's works to more modern novels or movies, and telling funny stories about Kara. Eliza had the most embarrassing ones since she had raised Kara from the age of eleven. Kara's least favorite stories were the ones from when she was a socially awkward thirteen year old.

"Eliza!" she admonished after a particularly humiliating story regarding a boy that Kara had tried to flirt with. "I thought we agreed that we'd never speak of seventh grade ever again."

She could feel the blush rising in her cheeks. Lena was practically dying of laughter beside her, and her foster mother was just barely keeping it together.

"Sorry, sweetie," Eliza apologized. "I won't bring it up again."

"Speaking of things we're not supposed to speak of," Lena began, launching into a detailed description of the time Mon-El got Kara drunk. "And then, Kara got up on stage and-"

Lena was cut off by Kara hastily pressing her lips against the other woman's, giving her a long, drawn out kiss.

"I think that's enough of that story, don't you?" Kara asked hopefully.

Lena nodded, eyeing Kara's lips, which made Kara become very flustered very fast. Eliza cleared her throat and announced that she should check on the meatloaf. Not wanting to be excluded from the aura of gay that seemed to envelope Lena and Kara, Alex leaned into Maggie and planted a little kiss on her girlfriend's lips. Maggie gave Alex a little smirk and brought her lips to Alex's for another kiss. Winn, whom everyone had forgotten was there, gave the three lesbians and bisexual alien a very annoyed look.

"Make out with Mon if you don't want to feel left out," Maggie suggested cheekily.

"Ew," Winn and Mon-El chorused.

"Mon-El is obviously straight," Winn protested, prompting a murmur of agreement from the daxamite sitting across from him.

Kara noticed that he didn't necessarily say anything about himself. Alex seemed to notice that too and raised her eyebrows at geek boy across from her. Before she could ask any pressing questions, Eliza called them in for dinner. It was a Danvers tradition to eat meatloaf on Christmas Eve. Alex and Kara both exchanged matching looks of child like excitement and liked their lips. Dinner was delicious, as expected.

Afterwards, the group sat around the fire in the living room and watched cheesy Hallmark movies on cable until Eliza insisted that midnight was late enough and that they should all try to get some sleep. She didn't even try to put Alex and Maggie or Kara and Lena into different rooms, knowing that they wouldn't stay there. Lena fell asleep easily, her head nuzzled happily into Kara's shoulder.


After lying motionless with Lena pressed against her back for about an hour or so, Kara decided to risk trying to get out of bed. She slipped her bare legs carefully out from under the covers and held her breath as Lena's head fell softly onto Kara's empty pillow. Fortunately, Lena was out cold.

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