A Danvers Heart To Heart

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 At around two a.m., there was a loud knock on Kara's door. She carefully managed to maneuver herself out of Lena's arms without waking her and rolled out of bed. Her forehead crinkled in concern when she saw Alex standing outside of her and Lena's apartment. She quietly let Alex in and invited her to sit on the couch immediately. Her sister was visibly nervous.

"Alex, what's wrong?" Kara asked in a hushed whisper.

"I couldn't sleep."

"Why not?"

"Lately, I've been thinking."


Alex sighed and curled up against Kara's side. Kara put her arm around her sister.

"What if I'm not good enough for Maggie?" Alex finally murmured. "What if the reason she didn't want to get married at first was because she didn't want to marry me?"

"Alex, that's crazy," Kara told her. "Maggie loves you. A lot. She proposed to you because she saw how much it meant to you and wanted you to be happy."

"What if she resents me for it?" Alex protested. "What if she grows to hate me for this? Does she feel like I forced her into this?"

"Alex, look at me." Kara directed Alex's eyes to her own. "C'mon. You know Maggie. You know that she'd never let anyone force her to do anything that made her uncomfortable. If she hated the idea of getting married, if she really didn't want to, there is no way that you could make her. She's very much her own woman."

"Then why didn't she propose to me before?"

"Because it wasn't a big deal for her. But as soon as she saw how important it was to you, it became important to her, too. She wants you to be happy, I promise. It will make her happy if you're happy."

"You really think so?" Alex asked, seeming to regain a little of her confidence.

Kara smiled and put her arms around Alex, giving her a warm Kryptonian hug.

"I know so," she whispered.

She held Alex in the dark for a while until she felt like she didn't need any more comfort. Then, she let go and allowed her sister to stand up, walking her to the door.

"Go home, now, Alex," she directed. "You don't want Maggie to wake up without you."

Alex moved to leave but stopped. She turned back to Kara and threw her arms around her, her head resting comfortably against Kara's chest.

"Thank you."

"Any time," Kara answered, patting her back. "I love you."

"I love you, too, sis." Alex pulled away and gave her sister a content smile that let Kara know she had done her job.

"We're still on for dress shopping this weekend, right?" she clarified. "And Lena's going with Maggie and her cop buddies?"

"Yes, and as far as I know of," Kara responded. "Lena's very happy to have been invited."

"Of course. Maggie insisted."

"Now go." Kara ushered her sister out the door. "You've got a sleeping girlfriend to attend to, and I've got a sleeping wife in the next room."

"Alright, I'm going. Goodnight, Kara. See you at work tomorrow.

"Goodnight, Alex. Get some sleep, ok? It's like three in the morning."

Alex left, and Kara shut the door behind her, groaning when she saw that the clock read three fourteen. She had to be up in a little over three hours for work, and she could not deal with Snapper's nagging on less than six hours of sleep. She dragged herself to her bedroom and slipped back into her spot next to Lena. She felt Lena's arms wrap around her.

"You're such a good sister," Lena mumbled in a groggy voice, very obviously half asleep. "Alex is lucky to have you to look out for her."

"Not as lucky as I am to have her," Kara murmured. "I'm sorry if I woke you up."

"S'ok," Lena answered, snuggling her face into the crook of Kara's neck. "Love you."

"I love you too," Kara whispered.

She fell easily back to sleep with Lena's arms around her shoulders and Lena's gentle breath against her neck. 

(A/N Next chapter, I'm introducing another character from the DC Universe. Also, the aforementioned issue of Winn's sexuality, which was brought up in the Christmas chapter, will play a huge part. I'm actually pretty excited about writing it, and I hope you guys like it)

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