Ch. 16

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"Nessa, leave me alone!" I groaned as a blinding pain took over me. I squeezed my eyes shut to block out the light from the window. The pounding in my head wouldn't stop.

"I'm not Nessa, and this has to stop!" a male voice ordered making me roll my eyes inwardly.

"Come on Evan, this is not like you. You need to stop drowning yourself in alcohol and actually wake up!"

"How can I wake up? He left me. He didn't even give me chance to explain. Let me die" I mumbled and tried to cover my face with the covers only to lose them when he snatched them from my hands. I was too weak to argue. I was just too weak to do anything in particular. Why did Angelo leave me?

"Wake up before I pour this on you".

"Go away!" Well, that was a dumb thing to say because the coldest spray of water I had ever felt poured on me making me jump to my feet. "What the hell?" I screamed, shuddering in my now wet T-shirt. I rubbed my hands on my arms to keep myself warm and looked down. I realized I was only in a T-shirt and totally naked from the waist down.

What happened? I asked myself.

"Finally. What is wrong with you?" the unmistakable voice of my best friend asked and I looked up to see him frowning at me.

"I'm suffering from a severe headache, can you please not shout?"

Warren just rolled his eyes and helped me take the sheets off the bed. "Go take a hot bath and I'll go make you breakfast. I put some advil on the nightstand" he ordered.

I sighed and did as told. Taking the advil first and then drinking the orange juice he put on the nightstand. When I was done, I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Looking around, I realized that I was not in my dorm room. This looked like Warren's bathroom. What was I doing in his room? Or on his bed? I think the question I should ask was what was I doing at his place in the first place?

My headache hadn't disappeared yet and I wasn't ready to go through the blinding headache again so I just got into the shower and allowed the hot water to soothe my senses. It felt really good and soon, my body temperature was back to normal again.

"Are you done?"

"Almost!" I shouted in reply as I wrapped a towel around my waist and went out of the bathroom.

Warren stood there holding a tray of food in his hands making me raise a brow. I always ate with his family anytime I came over, but I guess this was different. Besides, we needed to have some time alone if I wanted him to tell me what happened to me as soon as possible. I knew that he would tell me as he was the wisest among us. Since we were small, he would always be around to save me from trouble.

"I didn't know if you wanted to eat downstairs or not, and there's a whole lot of people around too, so I chose the latter" he said making me nod as I took the tray from his hands. "Also I got you some clothes from your room back at school, they're in the left drawer" he said.



I sighed. What ever happened last night must have gotten him really angry. Although it was in his nature to always flip me off whenever I said something, he always did it playfully. This was however far from that. I hoped I didn't go too far though. I wondered what I had done to make him so upset.

To be honest, I am not only upset at myself for lowering my guard when I was around Nessa, I am also quite angry that I didn't have the nerve to push her away. I should have, the minute she came on me, but due to my cowardice, I allowed her to do whatever it was that she did.

Of course, Angelo did not know the full story and only saw what he saw and then went ahead to make up a conclusion. I don't blame him for that and I'm sure that if I was in his shoes, I would have acted much worse. All I wanted to do was apologize and explain what happened. I really liked Angelo and I didn't want things to end between us when things hadn't even started yet.

It was starting to stress me out. Looking at the food in front of me, I pushed it aside and stared at the window. I could hear loud voices from downstairs and the laughter of the kids who were playing around. Warren had a very large family, sometimes it surprised me how he manages to know all of their names. I feel as though I am a part of the family because they all seem to care about me and are always welcoming when I'm around.

Sighing, I stood up and walked towards the wardrobe. Taking a pair of boxers briefs, I put them on and wore my jeans and a T-shirt. I planned on going to campus to look for Angelo today. I'm pretty sure it had already been a week since he left the room and I hadn't also been there at all. Now, it all comes back to me. I had gone out partying with Nessa after Angelo had left without giving me much chance to explain myself. I must have drank too much alcohol, it was no wonder my head ached so bad. It felt as though there was a rock band playing drums in my head.

Whatever the case, I needed to find Angelo as soon as possible. I couldn't deal with him being mad at me. Like I said, normally, I wouldn't have given a flying fuck about it he cause that was just who I was. But the thing is Angelo was different. He was much more different than all the guys I had met and in just two weeks, I was already going crazy from not seeing him.

"Why haven't you touched your food?" Warren suddenly asked making me jump.

"I didn't see you coming" I said, putting a hand to my chest and totally ignoring his question.

"I know, I'm like a ghost" he smirked. "You gotta eat though" he told me in a voice that just said I had to what I was told. I hated when he used that voice on me. Honestly, a few years back, it gave me the chills one time when I almost slept with a certain guy. Warren had shouted at both me and the guy making us jump away from each other with so much force. I felt like apologizing almost immediately. Weird huh?

"I want to go look for Angelo" I said as I brought the mug of coffee to my mouth. "I need to see him. It's stressing me out man" I said lowly, my throat drying all of a sudden.

"I understand" he told me. "Finish up and I'll drive you".

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