Ch. 24

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The Twins^^^.

Chapter 24


Evan is the best, in every way. He has been so loving, caring and patient with me ever since we came back from our date last week. We watch movies together every night, we talk about everything, he even sings to me sometimes, even though his voice is like really bad. I don't have the heart to tell him. Seeing his face light up every time I tell him he's good makes my heart smile.

I don't know why it took us so long to be together but I'm honestly glad that we are boyfriends now. Boyfriends. I can't believe I actually have a boyfriend.

A few months ago, if someone told me I would have a boyfriend who cared for me like Evan does, I'd have probably laughed in their face and told them to fuck off. I don't know what he even sees in me because Evan is hot as fuck! And for him to go for a skinny boy like me, well... However, I don't have anything to worry about.

I know Evan is a playboy, or was a play. I know that because I've encountered a few of his "one-night stands" but I really don't mind. That's because after he cried and explained to me what happened that day with Vanessa, I don't think he'd ever cheat on me.

I know I shouldn't trust someone so blindly, given how I was treated in my last relationship but I can't help it. Eric was the worst person I had ever encountered. He was even worse than the rest of the pack when they'd bully me just because I'm human and the worst part was that, it was he who orchestrated the whole thing. So I should know better right?

Evan is not like Eric in anyway. First of all, he's human and secondly, he actually likes me for who I am and doesn't bully me. He cares for me, he treats me well and I like him. So, I do trust him. Love is blind as they say.

I choke on my saliva the moment that thought crossed my mind. Love? Nah. I can't be thinking about that now. I don't know what love is. Hell, did Evan know what love was? We hadn't dated for long, just about a week so I think it's too early to be thinking about love.

But what if what I feel for him is love though? I mean, I always want to see him smile, I want him to have the best things in the world, I want to have him at my side always, I want to spend every minute of every day with him and the times that I'm not with him, I miss him. So if that is what love is, then I guess I love Evan.

Holy shit. I love Evan.

"Still in the honeymoon phase I see" a girl voice says behind me making me jump in my seat.

I'm brought back from my thoughts to reality only to realize that I'm sitting in my Psych 101 class. I took a bunch of courses because I still wasn't sure what I wanted to do. The lecturer hadn't arrived yet so every one was just doing their own thing.

I turn to see two people staring down at me. Well, one of them is, as he's standing and the other, the girl is sitting on my desk grinning at me. They really look alike though. I think they're twins.

"Who are you?" I asked, feeling a bit weird at how they were looking at me. It was as though they knew something I didn't.

"Forgive my sister, she's way too forward" the boy says politely and extends a hand towards me, which I take although hesitantly. "I'm Marshall and she's Marcia" he says with a nice smile.

"Angelo" I respond.

"We know" Marcia winked at me and crossed her legs. "So, how's the love life treating you?" she queried again making me look at her in shock. How did she know about me? How do they know who I am?

"Sorry for her, again" Marshall said, climbing the desk and sitting in the chair beside me in one swift move.

"Holy shit" I gasp. That's not normal.

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