Ch. 28

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"Pick up your phone," I heard Angelo groan with a groggy voice as his hand hit my chest. I blinked my eyes open, wondering what was happening. His head was on my arm and his eyes were closed tightly as if he was forcing himself to sleep. The ringing of my alarm had probably woken him up and I was terribly sorry for that. I had noticed that Angelo was having difficulty sleeping. I had no idea why but I assumed that something happened over the week. 

I wasn't sure what it was exactly but it had been bothering Angelo like hell. He had been extra cuddly and affectionate, not that I was complaining because his clinginess was one of the many things I loved about him. However, I wanted to know what it was that was bothering him. 

I opened my eyes and stretched my arm toward the desk next to our bed, but the phone that had been ringing was not mine. I looked at the caller ID on Angelo's phone and my eyes went wide when I saw the name. Why would his father be calling him so late at night?

"Angelo," I whispered and he groaned, annoyed that I was disturbing his sleep. He turned his head away from me which was oddly adorable. "It's your dad," I stated. That jolted him awake, With wide eyes, Angelo grabbed the ringing phone from my hands and put it to his ear after answering it.

"Hey," he said groggily, sleep still evident in his voice. He rubbed his eyes as he listened to the man on the phone. Angelo glanced at me from the corner of his eye, as if he was worried that I could hear their conversation. Or maybe I read his look wrong, but it made me wonder what the man had to say to him that couldn't wait till morning. I watched on silently as Angelo made his cal.

"What?" he questioned with wide eyes. "What do you mean it happened again?"

Sitting up, I put my arm around him and rubbed his shoulder as a way to comfort him, even if it did little to help. Given his reaction, it seemed like Angelo had received some bad news and I wanted to do my best to help him through it.

"Fuck!" he groaned silently and leaned against him, his body shaking as he cried. "I'll be there as soon as I can, Dad," he sniffed. I had no idea what had happened but it pained me to see him this distraught.

It was a long and excruciating hour of silence as I held him in my arms and listened as he sobbed. I wanted to ask him what he had been told but decided against it. Angelo needed to get it all out in his own time and the best I could do was show him that I was going to be there for him whenever he needed me.


I wasn't sure how long I slept for after the call with my father but I was glad to have Evan's arms around me when I woke up. I felt groggy and tired, not well-rested at all but it was to be expected after the news I had received. Hearing that your family was in danger was not something you wanted to discover in the middle of the night and especially not when you lived oceans away from them.

When the rogues first attacked the pack, it was Roger who had been injured. I didn't feel the need to go back because I knew that Roger would heal and be back to himself shortly. He was alpha. He was strong and the pack needed him. That was reason enough not to be alarmed.

But this time around it wasn't just Roger that had been injured. It was my mom. When my father told me, I felt my heart shattering into pieces. While my mom was the Luna of the pack, she was also human and did not have healing abilities. She did not have the little that I was lucky enough to have inherited from my father. Hearing the tone in my dad's voice proved to me that her injuries were fatal.

I needed to see her. I had to be with her more than anything. And I was going to.

I quickly got out of bed, careful to not disturb Evan as he slept, pulled out my suitcase from under the beds, and quickly began packing. I had to get out of here as soon as I could because I couldn't bear the thought of losing my mother, especially when I was too far away to even see her.

Evan woke up shortly after I started packing. I could feel his eyes on me, watching me intently and probably wondering what was going on. I wasn't sure if I could tell him without breaking down. I was having a hard enough time as I tried to stop myself from crying every minute. But no matter how hard I tried, the tears just kept flowing.

Frustrated, I threw a bundled up shirt to the wall and groaned as I fell back on the bed.

"Hey... hey..." said Evan calmly, his hand squeezing my thigh. I welcomed the affection and opened my eyes to look at him after wiping my tears with the back of my hands. "What's going on Angel?"

I licked my lips and pressed them together as another wave of emotions overcame me. Taking in a deep breath, I sat up and continued to pack. "I need to go back to London," I said to him.

Evan nodded. "Okay... how come?"

I bit my lip. My eyes stung with tears. Could I really tell him that my mom and brother were attacked by unruly blood thirty wolves whose only aim was to maim and kill. There was no way Evan could understand that. He had no idea that werewolves existed and springing it upon him could do more harm than good.

He continued to watch me with wide soft eyes, waiting for a response. I couldn't continue keeping him in the dark, even if I wanted to.

"My family was attacked," I finally said, trying to not focus on the shock in his eyes that begged me to explain further. "My mum and brother suffered fatal injuries and I need to see them."

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