Ch. 18

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Chapter 18


I didn't say anything to Jacob as he drove away from school and away from Evan. I didn't find it in me to talk to him even as he tried to cheer me up by playing one of my favorite songs. I knew that once I opened my mouth, I would lose it. Jacob had already seen me cry, and I didn't want to break down in front of him again.

I couldn't help it though. All along, the only thought on my mind was why Evan did that to me. I mean, I understood that we only just met each other but you don't just kiss your roommate and then go out to kiss some other girl. Really, what kind of person was he?

Although, I should have known. I was no good. Everyone I had ever had feelings for broke my heart and left me to mend it alone. Even my own family didn't like me, so how was Evan any different. I sighed.

"Stop thinking like that, it wasn't your fault" Jacob said making me turn to stare at him weirdly.

How did he even know what I was thinking about?

"I can't read your mind, if that's what you think" he chuckled, but it seemed forced. "You kept mumbling to yourself" he said.

I let out a breath I didn't know I had been holding. I wouldn't be surprised if Jacob could read my mind. Okay, fine, maybe I'd be surprised that him in particular could read minds; I mean, he didn't look like someone who possessed any supernatural power.

Back home, the Elders used to tell us stories about a clan of people who read minds and were deadly dangerous to our kind. Although I'm not really their kind, I still have my father's blood running in my veins. They told stories of how they would capture us and torture us until we finally gave in to their wants. It was even scary to think about. These people were one of the fierce creatures we knew and I really hoped and prayed to the gods that I would never meet one.

"You know, I think we should just go back to the apartment, watch a movie, order some food and just like, chill out.. You know" Jacob told me.

I turned my eyes from the busy streets and glared at him. "No way. We're going to that club mister" I said, trying to find some sort of enthusiasm.

"Are you sure? Cause I know how you're feeling and I think you should just get some rest.."

"Jacob, I'm not feeling anyway. I just want to have some fun" I told him truthfully. Going a bar or a club will be a good enough way for me to get over Evan for good. I knew I wasn't old enough to drink alcohol in America but I was sure Jacob wouldn't mind getting me a beer or two. I honestly just wanted to drink away my problems.

"Drive on mister. I need to get wasted!"

The club we went to was different than the last one. To be honest, I wouldn't know because I don't remember much apart from when Evan came to drag me away from that guy. I may not admit it to his face but Evan saved me that day. Who knew what that guy would've done to me. I should have known not to trust a total stranger but I guess I was too drunk out of my mind to even make the right decisions.

Once we got to the place, I unbuckled my seat belt and followed Jacob to the place after he locked the car. It looked like a high class place. I say this because there was a whole line of people waiting to get in from the door, all the way to the parking lot. I was about to go join the queue when Jacob pulled me back.

"What are you doing?" he laughed, holding my hand and pulling me from the other people.

"To join the line, of course" I stated, as if it wasn't the most obvious thing.

He narrowed his eyes at me in a teasing way and then sighed loudly, brushing his red hair from his eyes. "Do you even have your ID card here?" he asked me.

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