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I entered my house, bending to collect the few letters that had been delivered before stepping inside. Closing the door behind me, I flicked through the letters uninterested as I shucked off my shoes until one caught my eye. It had a foreign watermark and stamp and in the corner I could see Hangul indicating the address of BigHit. Boredom gone, I straightened up and immediately opened the letter, heart thumping and body jittering from excitement and nerves. Inside was the confirmation or rejection of my future.

Dear Ms (L/N),

Following the series of interviews and challenges posed to you, BigHit has come to the conclusion that we believe you are the best candidate to be the new, only female manager to the globally recognised group BTS. Our PD Bang Sihyuk was particularly impressed with your personality and attitude to responding to challenges as well as believing that such a fresh, youthful candidate may be ideal as you can therefore also be, hopefully, a manager that BTS can rely on and be open with. As you are aware, to accept this position you will have to move to Seoul but as highlighted in the terms and conditions, you will be given an apartment near their residence. We hope to hear from you soon and congratulations for being the only successful candidate for this position. Enclosed are further details regarding your contract, schedule draft and further instructions for how to make this transition from (Your country) to Seoul.

Yours Sincerely,
Bang Sihyuk's PA

Hands trembling, a smile began to grow until hysterical giggles burst out. You were going to Seoul.

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