Chapter 18

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After the dinner, we had a conversation as a group, one I'd really wanted to avoid but was unable to. I slipped in after the boys and as they headed off to the living room, I opened my room door and slid in, I was just about to shut the door when a foot appeared in the gap blocking it from being shut.

I looked up, Hobi oppa stood there- his beaming face now void of his usual joy, he looked serious, his mouth twisted in the recognisable shape when he was upset or angry.

"(Y/N) we need to have a talk. All of us do. Come on, let's go the living room." His voice brook no argument and I sighed; I knew this was going to happen I was just trying to delay it as long as possible. He led me to the living room, his arm was a comforting presence on my shoulder and as we entered I felt eyes turn to us and I hurried to sit between Yoongi oppa and Jinnie oppa- I was going to make them my shields in this.

The two of them were a silent comfort, I knew they would try and shield me from the worst of the scolding I was about to get.

"(Y/N)-ah, we need you to tell us why you hid such a big thing and we had to find out from GOT7 that you were injured? Do you know how it felt knowing they knew what you'd been through and that practical strangers had to tell us, your family something we should have known immediately?" Namjoon oppa spoke up, his voice was low, but it sounded so disappointed and hurt and I wanted to shrink in on myself or sink into the ground in shame.

He was right? He had every right to feel betrayed, anyone in his position would be.

I twisted my hands, a nervous habit I'd never gotten over, before I felt a large hand cover mine.

"You don't have to be scared (Y/N)-ah, we're not mad at you. It just kinda hurt to find out from someone else. We're here for you, you know, that right?" Taetae spoke, his deep voice was comforting. I nodded.

"I did want you guys to know, it's just I rather you knew without me having to tell you all..." I mumbled.

"She means she doesn't like recounting the story again and again. So, I'll say it." Yoongi oppa's voice was firm but gentle as his hand briefly squeezed my shoulder in reassurance.

I didn't dare look up as he told them all what had been happening these past months and it was like a deep wound being ripped open again, but they didn't know the full story and I knew they deserved to.

After oppa stopped talking, I looked up to see expressions of anger, worry, concern but no pity. It would've torn at me if they'd looked at me with pity. Kookie dashed forward and burrowed himself into my lap, either side of me already occupied, and hugged me tightly around the waist.

"I'm sorry you went through that (Y/N)-ah, but I'm here for you. You don't have to tell me things if you don't want to, but I'm more than happy to be there in whatever way I can be..." I stroked his hair gently, touched by his openness. I could the rest of the group felt the same looking on at their maknae in tenderness, I felt warm and loved.

I leant forward over Kookie to press a soft kiss to the top of his head.

"Thank you, Kookie-ah, it means more than you'll ever know." I whispered.

I lifted my head to see the other maknaes barrelling towards me but Hobi oppa got to me first.

"Kook-ah move, it's my turn for cuddles and kisses." He pouted, gently shoving his dongsaeng to the side before diving in for a hug. I could only giggle at the sight of Kookie tumbling away, exaggerating his pout and whine.

I gladly enveloped the boys into hugs, swooping the maknaes and the elders too into a hug afterwards. Joonie oppa's dimples came onto full show as he leaned down into the embrace. Jinnie oppa kissed my cheeks too and I hugged Yoongi oppa before he could wriggle away and mutter that he didn't like cuddles. It was a blatant lie. He loved cuddles.

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