Chapter 10

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It was one of those days where surprisingly (Y/N) had clocked out of work earlier than the boys, for once, but it was as Lia had finally awoken and so she needed to make it to the hospital before visiting times were over. She waved goodbye to the boys and other managers before rushing to the cab she had called.

All the way to the hospital, (Y/N) was a bundle of nerves- both anxious and happy. It had been a week or so since the accident and surely that wasn't good news even if it meant that her friend had finally awoken. She couldn't wait to see her, shake her for scaring her like that and then coddle her to death.

She darted into the hospital, knowing beforehand the room Lia was in having previously called her brother already. She rushed in, heart in her mouth, to see Lia sitting up propped up by pillows and listening to a rambling Adam. She turned to the sound of the door opening and broke into a smile seeing (Y/N) standing there, bouquet of flowers in her hand in assorted shades of blue. Both of them smile as their eyes meet, a heavy burden lifted off both their hearts and (Y/N) darts in, discarding the bouquet on the table and flinging herself, albeit carefully, into Lia's awaiting arms. She presses herself close to her friend, her sister who she had almost lost. She can feel tears pouring down her cheeks and a wetness on her neck from where Lia is nestled but both of them can't bear to part themselves from the other.

Adam just nestles himself closer to both figures, both maternal for him, he was waiting for his aunt to get here, as much as his mum smiled at him, he heard the wince of pain when he threw himself at her. He could also see that despite sleeping for a long long time, she was tired. His mum needed someone to care for her too. And his aunt would do just fine at that.

After carefully removing herself from Lia's arms, (Y/N) fussed around her fixing pillows, checking the monitor and the IV drip, reading up on her stats and paling when she read the medical account for the incident. Hands shaking, she put the report down and bustled over to feed Lia insisting on doing it by hand on an assortment of dishes she'd picked up. After shutting the last container and setting Adam's sleeping figure onto the sofa. She sat down next to Lia and they finally had the chat they needed to have had. (Y/N) needed to know what had happened to Lia.

(Y/N) sat there in silence, listening to Lia talk about how the black SUV had come out of nowhere, insisting that when she had begun to cross the road knowing it was empty, and driven towards her at full force. The person who had been driving was masked too so it was hard to identify and distinguishing figures to the police who had arrived prior to (Y/N)'s arrival. (Y/N) was trying to process the information, it sounded like an attack but why? Why Lia? What did she do?

She left a few hours later during the night when her brother had come from work, taking Adam home and sending her off too. As she walked home, her body was moving on autopilot tracing her path home as her mind was still swarming with thoughts. She didn't register her surroundings at all, nor did she realise that her phone was constantly going off with incoming calls and text message alerts. She had just stepped out the lift and was walking towards her apartment when she felt a hand grip her wrist twisting her to face them.

She spun around to see a coat-clad chest and looked up to see Namjoon staring down at her, concern in his gaze but strangely she couldn't register why. She struggled to pull a smile onto her face and Namjoon noted this with a deepening worry for her. He didn't want her going back to an empty apartment, being alone when she seemed so...blank and distressed. He gently tugged her towards their apartment instead, not letting go of her as he guided her towards the living room where he pulled her down to sit next to him on the sofa.


I frowned seeing (Y/N) seem so blank and empty, such a stark and horrifying contrast from her usual bubbly and peppy self. It was so foreign seeing her like this and he knew when he saw her as he exited the convenience store, he was going to surprise her but seeing the blank and vacant look in her eyes he decided to follow her and keep an eye out for her. It was late at night and she wasn't wearing a coat either. Hell... it had taken him an hour to convince Jin to let him leave and even then Jin-hyung monitored him as he made sure that he was wearing enough layers before allowing him to leave. Now seeing her walk alone at night triggered a protectiveness in him and so he walked behind her providing her with a layer of security she didn't know she had.

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