Chapter 2

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( I apologise beforehand for my rubbish writing, but it is my first time writing a fanfic or anything that anyone can read really... so I hope you enjoy it!)

Your POV:

You were giggling inside at the cuteness of Bangtan who seemed shocked by your admission of being their new manager and were going to speak when a bored tone rang out into the air.

"So our new manager is... you?"

At that, your spine slightly stiffened and you sat up straighter. The tone being one you encountered too often unfortunately as a young woman having only recently graduated. You expected judgement from other employees but had hoped that at least Bangtan would've been open minded  to the idea. You knew most of the females hired to work in this company, especially with BTS, were their noonas in age and married but you were a very rare exception to this contract clause.

Quickly, Jin jostled the other members to their feet and they hastily bowed again.

"Sorry Manager-nim it's just we weren't expecting..." tailed off Namjoon.

I rose to my feet and stood at my full straightened height of 5,4", and with a crumbled confidence voiced

"A woman... no a girl? Or someone foreign? Or young?" I crisply asked, holding onto the hope they'd prove me wrong.

Quickly Taehyung, Hoseok and Jimin shook their heads. Jungkook just angled himself to stand behind them, as though afraid. The sight bought a small smile to my face already knowing his shyness, especially around women.

"Such a pretty noona!" yelled Tae, before his eyes widened. "Was that not in my head?"

I grinned and shook my head gently,
"No Taehyung-ssi, but that's fine, I sometimes accidentally have conversations aloud." I rushed to reassure him. Taehyung grinned at that and bounded over to me, sweeping me into a hug and crushing me to him.

"Can we keep noona, pleeeeassseee hyungs!" wheedled Taehyung.

Unused to such quickly initiated physical contact with someone I just met, I felt my cheeks burn with both embarrassment and shyness. Luckily, Hoseok saw and came over gently prying off Taehyung before grinning.

"Sorry Noona, he's just very affectionate.... we can call you Noona right?" he suddenly tailed off.

My eyes suddenly widened, just taking in the formal title they were using, they thought I was older than them.

"Ahhh.... it's no problem except..." I nervously twisted a lock of (C/H) around my finger, "I'm actually younger than you..." to which Hoseok grinned.

"In that case Manager-nim, please drop formalities and use oppa for us" gestured Hoseok to the hyung line.

I shook my head, a small smile on my face.

"Actually, I'm younger than all of you, I am a 99 liner..." and suddenly looked down, intimidated by the elder men in the room.

A deep chuckle broke the silence, Jin internally squealed at the sight of the young woman in front of him becoming shy, he stepped forward to reassure her.

"Well in that case, you're our dongsaeng in age but still manager! As the eldest, I want to apologise for this grump over here" tilting his head towards Yoongi "and welcome you to BigHit". He smiled and his face lit up with joy and perhaps the thought of having a new maknae to coddle and spoil.

"Perhaps we'd better end this meeting here. I'll look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!" I was suddenly eager to escape this testosterone filled room and seek refuge in my home, in my bed.

However, it was Namjoon who now shook his head.

"I think we should get to know each other before working together from tomorrow. Why don't you come over to ours for dinner?"

At that 5 heads rose in excitement and curiosity whilst Yoongi's remained tilted in a scrutinised posture.

My heart suddenly started beating with nerves and with shaking hands, which I hid behind my back, I agreed and followed them to the car that Seijin oppa drives.

Driving back to their apartment, which I learnt was in the same complex as mine, was tense and it was Seijin oppa who tried to break it by making conversation with Jin who sat in the passenger seat.

Unfortunately, I found myself in the back with 6 curious stares and to break the silence, I whipped out my phone and dialled my mum.

I hadn't yet told her about arriving safely, and was immediately scolded on the other end. I felt myself shrink with embarrassment knowing the loud tone could probably be heard and switched to (Your language).

"I'm sorry mama, really I am. I forgot and I know how hard it was to convince you and I promise it won't happen again..."

Soon the conversation turned as my siblings came to the phone and I forgot about who I was travelling with. Listening to them unconsciously bought a smile to my face and I laughed at my sister's story of getting into trouble at school and her usual antics. As I said goodbye, I texted my friends and was putting my phone away when I heard a whispered "cute" and suddenly got dragged back into reality.

I turned to see Taehyung and Jimin whispering and nudging each other, Namjoon studying me with an intense look before meeting my eyes and smiling reassuringly. Jungkook was next to me but as I was talking, I had become relaxed in my posture and moved and because of that he now pressed himself firmly into the side as though avoiding physical contact with me.

"Oh, I'm really really sorry Jungkook-ssi, you must've been so uncomfortable this entire time, and I've been on the phone for so long..." I rambled as I instinctly reached out to console him but that seemed to make him even more shy as his eyes widened and he flushed under my worried gaze.

The car came to a stop and immediately Jungkook undid his seatbelt and bolted in. His hyungs chuckled and followed, Jin staying behind to accompany me as I made my way out slowly saying my goodbye to Seijin oppa who smiled and said he'd pick me up tomorrow too.

"So... manager I hope you can give me some time whilst I whip up something to make you fall in love with me... that is if you haven't already..." he winked, making me laugh.

I just shook my head and braced myself for what was going to follow entering their apartment behind them all.

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