Chapter 25

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"I've done it. Part 2 is done. But I swear Vick if she's harmed in any way, I- I don't know what I'll do but I'm gonna rip this guy from shred to shred." I said, tears running down my cheeks.

I confirmed that (Y/N) had been taken and as much as I wanted to rip the guy's body from limb to limb, I had agreed to the plan. And now she was gone. And I didn't know what was going to happen. But I prayed this nightmare to be over.

"She'll be fine Binnie, I swear it." Vick promised before ending the call.

I left the café, rushing to (Y/N)'s apartment to wait for the guys to come, when we had been walking she had slipped her hand casually into my back pocket to slip in her keys, having already told me the passcode. Every action had been deliberate. Every move carefully planned.

I just hoped she made it out okay.

She just had to be.


We were all on our lunch break- it was quite a late one, but the interview ended up overrunning and because of that our schedule had to be pushed forward a bit.

We were all just lounging around, stealing food from each other's plate. Food always seemed to taste better and look more appealing when it was someone else's.

"I wander what (Y/N) is doing." Tae wondered aloud drawing the attention of the other members.

"Probably at the salon. This hour tends to be one of the emptier ones for salons, easier to get attended to." Jin spoke up wisdom and knowledge radiating from his statement as he examined his own nails.

"Hyung, how do you know that?" Yoongi spoke up, a teasing lilt in his voice as he shovelled a mouthful of chicken in.

"Yah...self-care is very important you know!" he defended pouting at the burst of laughter that ripped through the members' throats.

Jungkook was holding his mouth open expectantly as he tilted his head towards Taehyung who brought the noodles forward to his mouth and he slurped it up, humming with appreciation at the burst of flavours that hit his tongue.

"Aigoo Kookie, never grow up!" Jimin cooed reaching over to pinch a cheek as Tae clutched dramatically clutched at his heart.

"Hyungs, I'm not the youngest. Stop it..." he said half-heartedly, but the members all knew Kookie melted when he was babied. He tried to be mature, but he didn't mind being coddled. Not at all.

They silently wandered what (Y/N) was upto as they waited aimlessly for their manager to drive them back to the company. They had a dance practice video to film but that was it. Then they'd go home.


"He's on the move. From what Binnie just said, part 2 is complete. Now it's the hard part." I sighed.

Now was the hardest part and the longest part.

We had to wait until we had the sufficient evidence before we could intervene. And that was why it was so hard.

(Y/N) had to stay with the bastard until he made a move but until then we had no grounds to arrest him on Korean soil.

I already wanted to intervene, my hands were bunched up as I tried and failed to think positively. (Y/N) was so vulnerable the first time we'd met her, and I hoped that this incident wouldn't set her back.

"It'll be okay Trace. We just have to wait it out." Will whispered but he looked shattered. He had been the first one out of the three of us to meet her and they were extremely close.

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