Chapter 22

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We all waited in silence back at the dorm waiting for Yoongi to call and let us know how (Y/N) was and when she'd be coming home. The hours stretched by but none of us moved from our seats, the sky was darkening as the sun set- the only indication that time was in fact moving and not at the standstill we were.

A shrill ring cut through the air, breaking the statues out of their reverie. I reached forward to answer the incoming call.

"Yoongi, what is it? What did the doctors say? Is she fine? Are you coming home? Have you eaten?" I rambled; the phone was on loudspeaker so the boys could hear as they crowded around the phone.

A soft, tired chuckle came from the phone.

"Hyung, calm down. She's going to be fine, we're on our way home now. I'll explain everything when we get back." And soon hung up.

When the phone disconnected, everyone let out sighs of relief and their bodies slumped with unmistakeable relief as the tension bled out of us. I closed my eyes, forcing the tears back which were threatening to fall. She was going to be okay; she was coming back- my mind chanted in reassurance.

A large hand settled on the nape of my neck squeezing gently.

"Hyung, do you suppose she'll want some food? I don't know if they've eaten." Namjoon spoke up.

My head shot up nearly whacking his in the process.

Food. What should I make?

I was getting to my feet when Hoseok and Jungkook stopped me.

"We'll do it hyung, we all know you're gonna smother her in your care when she gets back anyways..." Jungkook said wryly, lips twisting up as he teased me.

"Aish this brat..." I swung out my arm, but he dodged it and darted into the kitchen pulling Hobi along with him.

When we all sat down, the atmosphere was completely different, there was a lightness in it and even though we all had nagging worries at the back of our heads, I knew Yoongi didn't sugar-coat anything, he didn't have a habit to.

It was a while later we heard the key twisting in the lock, and the electronic sound of the pin being typed in. Low murmurs and approaching footsteps padding into the living room, (Y/N)'s figure was being supported by Yoongi, who had an arm wrapped around her waist. She was half-leaning on him, and her feet were unsteady as she tripped and stumbled in. her eyes were glassy and unfocused, they were wide open but she seemed to be in a daze, not fully processing her surroundings or who she was with. The leggings she'd been wearing had been replaced with a pair of baggy shorts that dwarfed her figure.

Yoongi didn't say anything until he sat down, placing (Y/N) down next to him, the arm still tight around her waist. Whilst it was to keep her steady and upright, I didn't doubt Yoongi was relying on the physical reassurance that she was next to him to keep his emotions at bay.

We all clustered around her, I was becoming more and more concerned at the haze and apparent unfocused look in her eyes. She wasn't sitting as she usually did; her body was slumped as though she had no strength to hold herself up.

"She's been given high pain medication, that's why she's a bit out of it. It's got a strong numbing sensation- hence her being unfocused and kinda dazed." Yoongi explained but that didn't lessen my worry- it just increased it.

"Why does she need a high dosage though?" Hobi spoke up.

"Her left leg has gone through immense strain; she's got severe bruising around her hip and being suspended in air for so long on only a strap caused her muscles to weaken afterwards. She'll need help for some time the doctor said. The guys dropped us off at the door, they said they needed to check something out." Yoongi spoke.

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