Chapter 16

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As I headed into the company's practice room, he was immediately bombarded by his members who fell onto the bag and takeout carrier he was holding; a ravenous pack of wolves descending onto the foolish prey who stumbled into their path.

All he could do was wait it out, and it was mere moments later when the group dispersed, my hands now empty and clothes dishevelled with a slight shellshocked look on his face.

How could people be so different? There was sweet little (Y/N) he'd met this morning, who was well-mannered and put people first, and then there was his group- no manners and pretty sure they were toeing the line between humans and animals, very finely.

I stood their gaping until I felt a nudge at my shoulder, and loud laughter.

"You okay there hyung?"

"Huh? Yeah...I'm fine, just wondering if you guys are human." And promptly got a whack to the head by JB hyung.

"Yah...don't disrespect your elders. It's really pretty much Bambam and Gyeomie who are overeager puppies." The boys protested at that, shaking their heads and pouting at us before bounding over to Jinyoung.

"Hey hyung, where'd your scarf go? You were wearing one when you left." Pointed out Youngjae-ah, and not for the first time I cursed his observation skills. The attention suddenly drew back to me again.

"You said you wanted to keep your throat warm, didn't want to risk it's good condition for the recording. So where is it?" Mark hyung interrogated me. I tell the truth, or do I make up a lie? I'm not exactly the best liar though, I swear they all have an in-built lie detector.

"Ummm...when I was going to the café, I saw someone who needed it more than me, and I figured it was the right thing to do." Hand raising to clasp my neck, looking down in case they even sense the unspoken truth in my eyes.

"That's really kind of you to do Jackson-ah, aigoo...when did you grow up so much?" JB hyung ruffled my hair, I pulled away smiling slightly.

"Let's go practice." I suggested, walking away to lightly scruff the maknaes around the head.

Just as we all began getting into position, my phone rang out- my eyes widening at the name id. Without hesitating, I picked up forgetting completely about the members who had stopped walking with me, curious as to who it was.

"Oh... (Y/N)-ah, did you get back safely?" missing the boys' looks of surprise and the imperceptible steps they took to close the gap.

"Yes...thank you so much again..." her soft voice spoke out.

"Ah ah, (Y/N)-ah that won't do. You'll have to treat oppa. And soon, don't let it be too long okay."

"Yes oppa, I'll treat you. Let me know what's a good time. How does Korean beef sound? Deal?" her voice rang out.

"Waa...(Y/N)-ah, are you rich?? Or you're that grateful...? I teased.

"Fine oppa, your choice. Don't have beef, your loss...I'm hanging up now."

I panicked. "No I'll let you know when I'm free. I'll text you later." And with that hung up.

But a sudden deliberate cough rang through the silent room.

I had forgotten the guys were here too. Oh crap. How do I deal with this now? I didn't want to drag (Y/N) into my mess.

I looked up to the owner behind the cough and met the piercing, curious stares of the group.

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