Chapter 1

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BTS gathered nervously inside PD-nim's office unaware of why they had been called in before leaving. It was pitch black and more than once Namjoon caught sight of his tired members as the maknae line leaned on each other for support forming a cuddle pile whilst being vertical. A smile tugged at Namjoon's face at that and met Jin's tired eyes also smiling at the sight. Yoongi was already seemingly asleep leaning on the wall for support and it was only Hoseok who seemed to have a tiny amount of energy left and that was keeping him awake. The door shut behind them and PD-nim cheerfully strode in ignoring the tense silence in the room or the bodies which straightened at his presence as though functioning on autopilot.

After he'd settled down, Bang PD let out a chuckle which dissipated the tension in Namjoon's shoulders which slumped in relief to the sound of joy. All of Bangtan got into formation and as one bowed respectfully towards Bang PD. On their straightening, he got straight to the point
"I won't keep you here long because I know everyone's exhausted after your training schedule today. You guys will be having a new manager joining the team from tomorrow so I expect you to make h— them feel welcome. They're Korean but were raised abroad so I hope you'll make them feel welcome and work together well. That's all. Go rest."
He finished leaving the members now fully awake and wide-eyed in shock.

Bang PD grinned to himself, stifling a chuckle. He'd purposely not mentioned that their new manager was female wanting to hear from her what their reactions were and also wanting to know if they could easily adapt and accept a female manager as capable to lead them. Not only Bangtan but she was also the head of the managers too for BTS.

Bang PD POV:

(Y/N).... frankly he'd accepted her interview application on the urge of his friend who insisted that she was extremely capable as a young graduate fresh out of university but also knowing her father as a close friend of theirs. Rather than giving her leeway because to that, Bang was extremely difficult and harsh in his judging, firm on his belief not to give favouritism. As a result, (Y/N) had gone through the most interviews and challenge tasks not to mention having her fly out in the middle of her work schedule all the way to Seoul for her final interview.

Shaking himself out of his thoughts he provided their manager's interview application to Namjoon, purposely leaving out her photo, and permit them to go home.


Their car journey home was suddenly lively with chatter except for Yoongi who had taken the passenger seat and was asleep.

"How can PD-nim just announce a new manager..." shouted Jungkook, his mouth forming a pout which made his hyungs coo at the action even whilst nodding along to his words.

"They're not even raised Korean..."
"They won't know how to manage us"
"Do they even know BTS?"
"Hey, do you know BTS?" suddenly shouted Jin before realising that their new manager was not even present and tailed off with his ears turning pink.

Namjoon sighed.... he also had his doubts but he'd have to trust their PD as well as become the leader and reassure them.

"Guys! It won't be that bad, we can't overthink this. Just... trust PD-nim and wait for tomorrow.", and with that the car once again fell into silence, each troubled with their own thoughts. The silence continued until Yoongi cracked open an eye and voiced out
"Well let's just see.... PD-nim is human too. Humans make mistakes."

And on they continued homewards and remained in a stilted silence as they got ready for bed, thinking of what awaited them tomorrow.

Next Day...
Your POV:

The sun filtered through the closed bedroom curtains but the bed was already made, in fact the room was empty.

I hadn't actually slept since landing. You had been greeted by a BigHit employee who had escorted you to a car and taken you to your new apartment (imagine it as you will but it's luxurious and decorated to your taste) and rather than crashing in bed after two long flights, I was buzzing with energy and nerves and so spent the night organising the documents you'd been left regarding Bangtan's schedules and necessary files for their upcoming promotions and workload.

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