Chapter 9

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The guys quickly sat themselves down on the sofas, waiting for me to sit down in the middle of Jin and Yoongi, this was not going to be good.

I waited for one of them, anyone one of them to speak and shatter this deafening silence. It was getting too much.

Then Namjoon spoke up.

"(Y/N)-ah, what did Yoongi mean just now? That your body is exhausted enough without adding to self-induced headaches?"

I fiddled with my fingers, unable to meet his soft eyes. I looked at my lap whilst I answered. First, I tried the clueless approach.

"I don't know what he's talking about...I'm not exhausted." Slipping Namjoon a wide-eyed look of innocence.

A chuckle broke out from Hobi and surprisingly even Yoongi.

"Nice try (Y/N)-ah but, you and I both know what I mean. I know the signs well enough; you've been overworking yourself and sacrificing sleep." He retorted.

Busted. Time for the second approach. The I-didn't-know-it'd-get-to-this-stage card.

"I honestly didn't know it'd get this far...I got so caught up in my job and the need to do it well, that my need for perfection overtook my need for sleep." Not completely a lie. No need to mention the insomnia and worry them pointlessly. Hide it for as long as you can. Deny, deny, deny.

Jin didn't seem appeased. At all.

"(Y/N)-ah, you know I see you as one of us, part of the family, so why did you feel the need to hide from family?" he was hurt, hurt that she didn't trust in them enough to tell them.

She bit her lip in guilt, drawing attention to her distraught face at the sight of her mother figure being upset. Her eyes started welling up with tears and she immediately pulled him into a hug, muttering apologies into his chest. He immediately reciprocated the hug, cooing at her and brushing tears off her face. Their eyes met and within them was an unspoken exchange of promises, to be family. To share their problems.

Yoongi didn't seem reassured though, if anything he had a strong gut instinct telling him, no...yelling at him that there was something that (Y/N) was hiding from them all. Something big. He just hoped that when they'd find out, it wouldn't be too late.

But he let the matter go for now. But swore to keep an even closer eye on her. In his own way of course.

The matter was dropped for now and the youngers looked grateful for it, disliking the heavy atmosphere that had settled. Even whilst they laughed and chatted, they kept darting glances to (Y/N) when she wasn't looking. It seemed as though the maknaes too had taken onto themselves to watch over her.

The next few days were busy, performing their comeback at numerous stages and TV channels, as well as Bang PD seeing their multilingual manager as a chance to expand globally, they'd had difficulty being able to do interviews in foreign countries that didn't speak English but they could. Because of their manager. He started working behind the scenes to set up a few interviews, wanting to surprise the boys. (Y/N) was more than happy to help and soon she became busier and the boys couldn't see her much in their breaks because she always darting to one place, or, answering that phone call or drowning under piles of paper.

The boys who had each silently sworn to themselves and to each other to keep an eye out for their young manager worried for her health. No longer did she stop by occasionally for dinner nor did they see her beyond work. They knew she was just a door away but felt burdened knowing if they did visit, she'd accommodate them and work through the night instead.

So, they started caring for her in their own ways...

Yoongi left for her cups of coffee in her office and spent longer 'nap' times in her office but really, he wanted to be close enough should she need anything, or anything should happen. Also, so he could drag her to nap with him occasionally claiming he needed a familiar presence near him for him to be able to drop off to sleep. The moment he'd note that (Y/N) had fallen asleep next to him, he'd wrap a blanket around her and stay near her whilst working on his phone or laptop, occasionally darting his eyes to scan over her peaceful features. His hand smoothing out the furrow in her brows when she was stressed as she slept.

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