Chapter 11

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After breakfast, Jin ushered us all back into the living room saying he had an important announcement to make, that everyone had to be present for shooting the excitable maknaes a warning look as they were about to sneak off.

I sat on the armchair nervously anticipating what was about to be bought up, whilst I had told Jin oppa, I wasn't sure if I was comfortable letting them all know- not that I didn't trust them, more so it seemed like unnecessary emotional garbage to load onto them. I'd rather they all knew without me being there, I didn't want to be weak. Showing weakness made you easier to be hated, neglected he had told you that enough times, no matter how long it had been I couldn't seem to shake off this looming shadow and menacing presence which seemed to constantly intrude on my life. Would I never be free of him?

Whilst I was lost in my thoughts, I hadn't realised that Hobi oppa had been trying for some time to get my attention and it was on the repetitive calling of (Y/N). Shaking myself out of my thoughts I realised that my spacing out had caught everyone's attention, Jin oppa's looking both worried and alert. I subtly shook my head at him, our eyes communicating silently between each other before we reached a decision to talk about it later, going by his pointed stare there was no backing out of it.

"SO! As the oldest hyung who has single-handedly raised six children, I've decided I don't want to raise boys I'm adopting (Y/N)-ah instead!"

The sudden announcement confused everyone, including me, I had no idea he was going to take this spin on it but also grateful he didn't start with the issue at hand.

"She's a better child, perfectly raised and I want a daughter."

As he went on talking as to why he had enough raising boys, I couldn't help but giggle as well as admire the dedication Jin oppa had put into helping raise them, it definitely isn't easy and he was the youngest in his own family, so to come and take on that responsibility is admirable.

"....And so, she'll be moving in. No arguments, we have a spare room, she's taking it. Now...(Y/N) I'll go help you pack your stuff, and boys- chores." And with that whisked me out of the chair and led me out to my own apartment closing the door to the loud protests and shouts of his dongsaengs.

As we sat in my room packing up my clothes and items, he turned to me all of a sudden.

"Spill. And don't even try to pretend about what. Remember what I said..."

I nodded, knowing he'd picked up on my spacing out as something more than just drowning out the boys' excited chatter.

"The reason I thought the incident with Lia and me is connected is because...I might be overreading into this a lot but I used to be in a long-term relationship with this guy back in (Y/C) during university, but after a few months he became obsessive and controlling and I found out he used to follow me whenever I'd go out with my friends...he totally lost it when I hung out with my best friend."

But as I spoke, I saw more logic and reasoning behind my thoughts, I hadn't realised my mind had been connecting these ideas long before I had gotten to voice them.

Jin oppa had grown uncharacteristically quiet, his fists clenching tightly around the blanket he had been folding up.

I placed a hand on the clenched fist drawing his eyes to mine, they were seething with anger and it was a sight I hoped never to see directed at myself.

"(Y/N)-ah, I swear that I'll help you and protect you, if it is that guy or whoever it may be will NOT get to you. You understand that by staying with us, I can keep a better eye on you and look after you more easily."

After that they continued to pack in a comfortable silence, but what they didn't remember was that the door of the apartment had been left opened to take the luggage through and so didn't know that what had been said had been heard. A figure in black slinking away silently rather than entering to help like he'd intended, lips pressing hard together in repressed fury.

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