Chapter 23

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(Y/N) POV:

I sat there on the sofa, my brain processing all that had happened and trying to organise it, to figure out the sequence of the events ruining my life at the moment. The headphones were snug and there was a soft music melody playing- it was calming but so powerful in each note. I didn't notice the boys had started to wake up until I felt the sofa sink next to me with a newly added weight and I turned to see Jiminie sitting there, half-awake as he smiled blearily at me.

His hair was sticking out in tufts, my hand reached out to straighten his hair, and his eyes slowly closed under the gentle sifting. He dropped his head onto my shoulder, falling into a light sleep. I could only smile at the sight. I felt an additional weight drop on the other side of me, I turned to see that it was Hobi oppa looking uncharacteristically serious and void of his usual sunshine energy.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

"I could be better, just not at my prime oppa." I said wryly, desperate to make him break out into a smile.

"You're not in any pain, are you?" his voice was still serious.

"A little, but I can only take painkillers after eating something, otherwise the dosage might be too strong and make me woozy." I explained, growing painfully aware of the throbbing that the music had distracted me from. The question had me conscious of the pain again.

"Breakfast is ready." Yoongi oppa said entering the living room, wiping his hands on a small towel.

He looked at the sleeping figures and sighed, moving over to flick them with the towel.

"Wake up brats. I went to the effort of cooking so the least you can do is not let it go cold." He lectured to the rousing figures whose eyes snapped open at the sound of their hyung and the mention of food.

They clambered to their feet, but I hesitated. For two reasons. One, I didn't want to wake or disturb Jiminie by getting up, he looked relaxed as he slept. Two, if I got up my legs would be exposed and I didn't want them fussing and worrying, most definitely not before they had even eaten.

So, I decided not to get up. However, Yoongi oppa came forward bearing a tray. He placed it down on my lap gently, fussing slightly as he straightened the cushion behind me.

"Thank you oppa." I whispered to him, he continued to straighten my blanket, but I knew when he straightened up he had heard- because he left the room with a soft smile on his face.

As appetising as the food looked, I generally didn't have much of an appetite in the mornings- it was something I couldn't fix, I only ate something light like fruit or nothing at all and just downed a cup of caffeine before going anywhere. I lifted the chopsticks and stared listlessly at the bowl of rice and stew- my stomach churned at the thought. Nope, couldn't do it. I put the chopsticks down, going instead for the fork and eating the cut pieces of fruit instead.

Next to me Jiminie stirred, I finished up the fruit and gently nudged him with the shoulder he was resting on.

He sat up slowly becoming more alert with the smell of stew wafting towards him. I placed the tray on his lap gesturing at him to eat. He woke up, becoming energetic and his usual self as he ate, letting out a hum of approval at the taste.

He got up to take the tray back, and I heard the sound of people getting to their feet. Chairs scraping back, hums of chatter, utensils and crockery being picked up, a brief argument about whose turn it was doing the dishes. It was the sound of a home, not a house. Filled with people, bustling about as they went about life. I preferred that sound over the quiet solitude of my own apartment.

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