Chapter 6

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BTS raced into the building, for once forgoing formalities as they paced to the elevator, tapping their feet impatiently as they waited for it to arrive. Even Yoongi walked quicker than usual, he wasn't very open to expressing his concern but since he'd started afresh with (Y/N) he had developed a soft spot, a protective streak. He'd never admit it though. Not to anyone.

As they raced to her office, they skidded to a stop suddenly. They knew they were allowed in at any time, but something was holding them back. Hesitance. At what they'd find. Jungkook timidly knocked on the door before peeping his head around the slight gap he'd made when he opened it. He let out a sigh of release. He opened the door more enthusiastically and bounced in.

"(Y/N)! There you are! You didn't stay to see us perform" he pouted at her, after his shyness had worn off, he became quickly close to her learning there wasn't much of a gap between them and for once he was the older one.

The rest of the group were somewhat surprised at the easiness he now displayed around her but they too chuckled at the aegyo and walked in, Yoongi closing the door behind him with a click.

The rest of them bounded towards her eagerly, Hobi pulling her out of her chair and into a hug as soon as he got close, the rest of the maknae line eagerly joining in at the impromptu cuddling. The rest of them made their way towards the sofas noticing that the area that had been designed for them to nap in had been sectioned off for once. Huh...odd but decided not to question it. The maknaes and resident-sunshine drew (Y/N) close to the sofas, tugging her down between them not yet wanting to part from her. She rolled her eyes at their behaviour but let it happen.

The boys started to argue childishly, their bickering rising in volume and the hyung line laughing and teasing the youngers for their behaviour. Their laughter also joined the mix and at this point (Y/N) was trying to shush them but with no success, she remained painfully aware of the fact that just behind the flimsy sectioned off area lay her sleeping nephew, who had just fallen asleep after tiring himself out. Her heart started, when she started to hear small whimpers coming from behind the screen and before she could jump to her feet, the boys quietened down also having heard the small sounds of distress. They shook their heads around to locate the source staring at each other too with mistrust, and if it had been any other situation (Y/N) would've laughed but now... she just wanted to cry. It had taken ages to settle him down. Ages.

(Y/N) POV:

I silently and gently retracted the arms that were still clutching at me and rose to my feet, quickly making my way to behind the screen ignoring the words of confusion now focused on just getting to Adam.

He was sitting up looking confused, his black hair sticking up at odd angles as his small fists rubbed tiredly at his eyes. They were tearing up and I rushed to him. I quickly scooped him into my arms, and he clutched onto me like a koala wrapping his small legs around my midriff as he nestled his face into my neck. I could feel my neck getting wet, but I just rubbed at his back, whispering soothing words to him in French.

Looks like there was no delaying it, the boys would be meeting him now. As I stepped out from behind the screen, I was walking carefully to avoid tripping when I heard loud gasps. The boys shot to their feet at the sight of me carrying a child. I just shook my head and made my way to the sofa again, silently dropping down in between Hobi and Jimin again.

Just then Adam cried out "Mama" into my neck and I felt seven stares piercing at me.

Even though they didn't speak French, the word was easy to grasp onto and all of a sudden I was bombarded with voices again.

"Now listen here young lady...I get that you act mature for your age, but you can't be having a kid already Who was it, the man who tainted my baby?!"

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