Chapter 27

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I sat there feeling utterly hopeless and destroyed as we waited in nervous, fearful cloying silence as we waited for a phone to ring. For the news to come that all was good.

I felt devastated. I had been the last one to see her, be with her and I had willingly let her enter that heathen's arms. I couldn't forgive myself but at the same time I knew I couldn't have stopped her. If it hadn't been me playing that role then it would've been someone else. Being her friend, her platonic soulmate meant that I wasn't there to stop her from making stupid decisions, it was being there for her in the aftermath to help pick up the pieces. It meant being there for her, supporting her and letting her grow and learn as a person.

But now...with no news coming in and no idea what was happening I felt that I had failed myself, but more importantly...I had failed her.

I sunk my head into my hands, wallowing in despair. The other boys sat some distance away from me, not intentionally I didn't think, but they were a family and right now they were trying to hold each other together.

I looked up to see the younger members wrapped in the arms of one of their hyungs. They had expressions of shock, fear, some were silently crying but one. Yoongi. Sat frozen as though the world had come crashing down and his face was eerily blank and stoic. An impenetrable statue carved from marble.

I jolted slightly as the shrill ringtone of my phone pierced the air, I fumbled to take my phone out of my pocket, hands shaking as I bought it up to answer and press it to my ear.

"Binnie get to the hospital. (Y/N)'s there, she's undergoing treatment and you're registered as her guardian. But Binnie... t-th-thank god. It's all over. We've got him." and it was the first time in my life I had ever heard Vick's voice waver and break.

I hoped it was from relief, but gut instinct told me that he was trying to suppress tears, and (Y/N) was in hospital? That was bad news.

"I've sent you the address..." before the phone was cut off.

I stood up on shaky legs, trying to mentally collect myself, closing my eyes to steel against the tears of relief threatening to fall.

"What is it? What did they say?" Jin asked frantically, rushing forward, eyes blown wide.

"They got him..." before Jin started muttering prayers and thanks having cut me off.

"She's in hospital. I'm leaving now." I added watching his face fall again.

I turned to rush out of the room, not bothering to see if they were coming but I could hear the thundering of feet as they rushed after me.

My lips trembled but I knew I couldn't crumble. What I needed now was to be strong, the backbone. (Y/N) needed me and I wasn't going to fall weak when she was at her most vulnerable.

The drive to the hospital was silent but tense. The car sped to the hospital and I didn't wait for Jin to stop driving before throwing the door open and jumping out. I had already been sent the details of where (Y/N) was kept and right now I only had one intent in my mind as I barrelled through to the private room at the end of the second floor. I didn't bother waiting for the elevator, every second mattered and so I dashed up the stairs entering her room panting for breath as I bent over. Vick, Trace and Will were all there and they got up as I entered, the guys not too far behind me. I straightened up hesitating at what I would see.

I slowly approached the hospital bed and burst into tears.


We all ran after Moonbin, a lump in my throat as I followed him up the stairs, the hyungs right at my feet. He rushed into the room bending over to catch his breath whilst we clustered at the doorway. He straightened up and moved forward tentatively and suddenly burst into tears.

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