Chapter 14

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The boys had yet to warm up to Moonbin, he had only showed them that he was incredibly touchy with (Y/N) and didn't even seem to acknowledge the other boys in the room.

Having lunch together had seemed an ordeal, the boys didn't know how to act around him, he had taken up the roles of all the boys and stole all of (Y/N)'s attention from them.

Where Tae and Jimin would usually wheedle her to feed them bites; relishing it more when it was from her plate, Moonbin now did but he didn't even have to wheedle for it. (Y/N) seemed to do it absentmindedly, like she wasn't even aware that she was doing it, offering every second bite of her food to him- nudging her chopsticks at his mouth. They sat there dejected looking like kicked puppies, big eyes looking sorrowfully towards the morsels from (Y/N)'s chopsticks disappearing into Moonbin's mouth.

Where Hobi would usually sit next to her and ask her about her hobbies and how her day went and such, Moonbin would talk of news from back home and of what they'd done together, making the resident-sunshine and others feel horribly left out and conscious of the fact that they hadn't seen (Y/N) in a role other than their manager mainly. He also wanted to ask her if she would watch him practice after dinner- looks like that chance disappeared.

Jungkook liked chatting to (Y/N) about Marvel and having serious discussions about what he insisted was 'their generation' in terms of films, games and comics as well as new snacks he wanted to try with her or the new arcade he wanted to visit. Now, he could hear Moonbin planning a day out with (Y/N) to places he too liked to visit but felt left out. He couldn't go to the cinema and watch the latest action movie, or new musical that had come out, he had training to do and dance lessons and practice. Stabbing at his food downcast, Jungkook missed the concerned looks (Y/N) was darting at him every few moments.

Namjoon had wanted to talk to (Y/N) about the latest book he'd read and discuss ones he'd seen in her room when they had been helping her unpack, now he couldn't. As he was eating, he could hear (Y/N) animatedly chat about the latest book series she was reading, and he couldn't help but be drawn into the conversation and the animation and excitement (Y/N) spoke with. He didn't really talk to the members about books- they claimed it was too boring or sometimes couldn't even read them because they were in English.

Jin wanted to chat with (Y/N) about new recipes he wanted to try with her or ask her to show him how to make those delicious cookies and where she bought that delectable cake from the other week. But he couldn't. He was pretty sure (Y/N) hadn't even eaten properly with the amount of times Moonbin had taken food off her plate, she hadn't even refilled it. He was sitting too far away to top up her plate like he habitually did, or sneak bigger portions of this dish or that one because he was pretty damn sure she never ate enough or cared about herself to notice she ate too little most of the time. Not to mention every time he saw Moonbin grab (Y/N)'s hand to force the chopsticks to his mouth- he felt his blood boil, not only at the blatant theft that was happening but also the casualness with which he kept TOUCHING her.

Yoongi was observing the two with narrowed eyes, quieter than usual at dinner, he didn't know what to make of Noomnib. He knew (Y/N) cared for him, that was obvious, but he tried to push down his annoyance that all of (Y/N)'s attention was being stolen away from them, from him. He loved how (Y/N) always filled their plates, insisting on giving them larger portions because they worked harder than her, but what irked him was that this Noomnib hadn't lifted a single finger since he came, and he got (Y/N)'s caring, doting nature lavished onto him too! He had wanted to ask (Y/N) where she got her sound equipment from, some of the pieces he'd only seen in the latest blogs or magazines as newly released products- some of them were limited edition! Where did she get them? He also wanted to ask her if he could borrow some, his eyes had snagged on the top-quality sound-proof headphones that had been resting around her neck when she opened the door to them.

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