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(Jungkook's powers is based on his emotions but he can control it on his own)

BTS walks inside the cafeteria with their usual playboy aura. As they walked in, they smell their favorite scents. They followed it, only to be led to a small omega who was eating by himself at the corner of the room.

They all looked at each other before saying.

They approached the boy, smiling since they are all finding their mate for the past three years of their life.

Jungkook looks up as he was getting dizzy by the combined scents of some alphas that approached him. He was confused but still chewed as he was super hungry.
"Hi, do I know you guys?" He asks, putting his sandwich down.
"No, but your wolf does" One do the boy's, known as Suga said. Jungkook then mindlinked his wolf called Astrid.

'Hey Astrid, do you know them?'
'Yes, they're your mates'
'What!? How?'
'Your parents wished for your mates to be six and the moon goddess gave them what they want'
'Do they know about my powers'
'Okay, thank you, bye!'

Jungkook looks at the six after he talked to Astrid, smiling at them with his bunny smile.

"You guys are my mates" He said before all of their eyes turned to red as for him, it turned into color purple.

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