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Jungkook walks to his class, stopping as a headache hit him. He clutched his head, groaning as he leaned to a wall. One of his boyfriends, spotted him, approaching him to help.
"Are you okay, Jungkookie?" Hoseok asks, rubbing the boy's back. Jungkook shakes his head, regretting it after his headache got worse. He groaned more, making the older more worried.

"Let's get you to the infirmary" Hoseok said as he helped Jungkook walk as the boy could faint any moment now. As they reached the infirmary, the older opened the door for him.
"Oh, what are you two doing here?" The nurse asks as Hoseok helped Jungkook sit down.
"My boyfriend is having an headache, can he stay here to rest, he looks like he's in a lot of pain right now" The older male requested, being granted as the nurse nodded.

Jungkook said down, instantly falling asleep as the headache was too much for him.
"Could you please look after him?" Hoseok requested again, the nurse nodded as she gave him a smile. He left the infirmary, Jungkook and nurse were the only people left there.

"Hi Jungkook"

Jungkook turned around, eyes widening when he sees who said his name.
"Kihyun? What are you doing here!? I thought we got rid of you!" The younger said, backing away as Kihyun got closer.
"It's not easy to get rid of me, just wait, we'll meet again" He said before disappearing.

Jungkook bolts up, panting as he looks around for his inhaler. He found it, taking a few puffs before as he took deep breath. He then saw the nurse who looked at him with worry.
"Are you okay?" The nurse asks as she rubbed his back. He nodded, smiling a fake smile.

Jungkook got out of the infirmary, fishing his phone out and dialling his mother.

"He's back"
"Who's back?"

"Yeon Kihyun, he's back, Mommy"

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