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Mr Jeon sighed, looking at all of the boys' eyes. He took a deep breath before telling them the story of Kihyun and how he changed.

"But why did that happened, I mean not all people changes by something" Namjoon asks, eyebrows furrowed as he thinks.
"I think someone is controlling him or something" Mrs Jeon said, still panicking as her son is still missing.
"But how did you guys know Jungkook's missing?" Yoongi says as he is also worried for his boyfriend.
"Astrid, Jungkook's wolf, mindlinked us" Mr Jeon answered as he stood up, his alpha senses tingling.

"What is it, Mr Jeon?" Jimin asks, also standing up with the others.

"Some thing's happening to Jungkook"

"Kihyun hyung, fight him!" Jungkook shouts as the said male trust to attack him, but he's failing as Jungkook was using one of his powers to barricade him. His eyes was in color purple along with his hair, Kihyun's was a color of black which indicates that he's using all of his powers at the same time. Jungkook knows he can use his four elements in the same time, but he doesn't want to as it makes his energy go down.

'Jungkook, he needs to calm down, you're losing too much energy for using this much power'
'I can't, he wouldn't calm down, I've been trying'
'He really needs to, you're gonna pass out'
'I-I ca-cant--'
'Jungkook! Jungkook! Wake up!'

Jungkook passes out from using too much power, but Astrid being the protective wolf she is to her human comes out. Jungkook's eyes opened again, it being different colors of blue combined. It was Astrid, she had to take over as Jungkook's needs to rest for some energy. She growls at Kihyun, glaring daggers at the black omega.
"You don't have the chance to hurt my human when I'm here, you're just a demon inside this boy's body who only wants all the powers" She said as she continues to growl.

"You're a smart wolf" The demon inside Kihyun's body said, his voice deep as he darkly chuckles.
"My old friend now enemy, Sooshik" Astrid said darkly, her eyes turning into a color of pitch black.

"Long time no see, Astrid"

(What happened between this demon Sooshik and Astrid?

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