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"He's stable now, the wound will heal after one week" The doctor says, giving them a smile.
"Why one week? He's a white omega, he should heal fast" Mr Jeon asks, confusion filling his face.
"The knife was silver, so that's why... Normal omegas would heal after two weeks" The doctor says. The Jeons nodded, and asks for the younger's room number.

"Are you okay, baby? Do you need some water?" Mrs Jeon asks, her son just giving her a smile.
"He's okay, Mrs Jeon, he's resting right now" It was Astrid's voice, Jungkook couldn't reply, he's resting so Astrid needed to take over.
"Oh, Astrid, is he really okay?" She asks the wolf, would nodded. Astrid decided to sit up, groaning as he accidentally hit the wound.
"Careful" Mrs Jeon scolds, helping Astrid sit down.

They talked, getting startled by the door opening.
"Is Jungkook okay?"
"I'm gonna kill Sooshik for doing this!"
"Okay, okay, calm down everybody! Astrid is currently taking over Jungkook because he's still resting" Mrs Jeon says, her son's mates coming down as they heard this.
"Is the wound deep?" Jin asks, holding onto his mate's hand.
"I'm pretty sure it is, Sooshik wouldn't make a cut" Jin got startled by the deep voice of Astrid, even if she's a female she had a deep voice but not deeper than Taehyung.

"The doctor said the wound would heal after one week" Mrs Jeon explains, chuckling at Jin's reaction to Astrid's voice.
"Why is it one week? I thought white omegas heal faster?" Yoongi asks, raising one of his brows.
"The knife was a silver knife, but he's lucky that it's only one week...Normal omegas would heal like 2-3 weeks if they're shot or stabbed by silver" Mrs Jeon says, arranging the gifts her son's mates gave.

"Well, I'm glad my human is okay"

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