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As Sooshik sits at his couch, the same scents hits him again. He smells around, approaching Jungkook as the scent was more stronger next to him. As he continued to smell around, he arrive at the darkest part of the room, hitting something. He fell to the ground, furrowing his eyebrows. He stood up, touching the thing he hitted. He looks at Jungkook, knowing what's happening. He uses his superspeed to go to the younger, harshly holding onto his jaw.

Yoongi suddenly growls, blowing their cover. He couldn't hold himself back, this demon was hurting his mate. Sooshik heard this noise, his grip on Jungkook's jaw tightening. This made the younger whimper, tears forming in his eyes. Yoongi bangs on the barrier, it breaking easily as Jungkook couldn't hold it more.
"Oh, so this six are your mates? Lucky you, having six alphas protecting you" Sooshik says, looking at the six alphas, laughing maniacally.

"Let go of him" Yoongi growls out, ready to attack Sooshik but Namjoon and Jin held him back. He couldn't attack yet, the demon was still next to their mate, and if he attacked, the younger would get hurt.
"Hyung, let go of me, Namjoon, I'll slap you if you don't" Yoongi says, fangs already out as his red eyes glows in the dimly lit room.
"This alpha of yours is brave, huh? Do you think you can kill me?" Sooshik says, pointing at Yoongi as he smirks.
"Oh, I will, if my mate isn't near you, you would be dead in a minute" Yoongi replies, glaring daggers towards the demon.

"Huh! You're like Astrid, acting strong but then a weakling after" The demon says, grinning widely.
"I am more stronger than you, I'm an alpha" Yoongi says, shrugging Jin and Namjoon's hands.
"But I'm a black omega, what's your power over me?" Sooshik says, shocking all six alphas. Astrid mindlinks Yoongi, startling the alpha.
"He isn't that powerful" Astrid says. Yoongi smirks, backing away, now he knows.

"Huh, you're not that brave at all" Sooshik says, not noticing Jimin who secretly walks to Jungkook.
"Wait, one, two, three, four, five and si--You guys are six, where is the missing on--" Sooshik cuts himself off, looking back to see Jungkook untied and Jimin beside him.
"I'm here" Jimin says, smirking. Jungkook's eyes and hair then changed to a color of red, which indicates his fire power.

"Let the fight begin"

(I'm sorry, I made another cliffhanger, I had to, if I don't then I the story will go to its ending 🤣

-Ggukie-nim out!💜)

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