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(Since I left you guys on a cliffhanger, here's the continuation🤣)

Jungkook and his parents thought Kihyun would be gone, but how did he come back. Did someone helped him or he himself did it.

"Looking for me?" The Jeons looked back, seeing Kihyun who had maniatic smirk plastered on his face.
"Missed me, Jungkookie? Remember what I did?" Kihyun said as he approached the said male. The youngest backed away, hitting the wall in the process.
"Aww, no space left? What a shame, I should help you remember what I did" Kihyun said, holding the younger's chin before putting his hand on the boy's head.

His hand glowed a color of black, making Jungkook's eyes turn black as it did.
"Kihyun, stop!" Mrs Jeon yells as she tried to pushed the said male, only to be pushed back to Mr Jeon making them both fall.
"Too late" Kihyun said, before Jungkook started yelling.

Jungkook walks to school, stopping as he heard some whispers. He then found the people who was whispering, eyes widening when he saw that it was Kihyun and the popular people of the school.
"Did you know? Jungkook uses his powers to seduce alphas into knotting him" Kihyun said, earning a quiet gasp from the said male. He felt tears prick his eyes, his friend is betraying him, how could he?

"His parents also support him for that" Now, that was the last straw for Jungkook. He stomped his way over to them, slapping Kihyun the process.
"How could you! I trusted you! And all you gotta give back is betray me!?" Jungkook said, looking at Kihyun's eyes.
"Oh, you heard? Sorry" The older said, his voice sarcastic.
"I hate you! Don't ever talk to me, get near me, touch me, overall I don't want to see anymore!" Jungkook said, hair and eyes changing to a color of red.

He screamed which made explosions in the background. He disappeared, using his teleportation. Kihyun stared at his direction, just smirking but the real Kihyun inside was feeling guilty and mad at himself.

Jungkook gasps, coughing before passing out. His parents luckily caught him before he hit his head. Kihyun then disappeared, leaving the family alone.

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