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Mr Jeon continued to have his alpha senses. As he had this, Mrs Jeon also had too, growling. The Jeons started to growl and howl, their wolfs are coming out, feeling their son in danger made them come out.
"What's happening to them?" Taehyung asks, clueless of the situation. He received a smack in the head from this question from Yoongi.
"Of course they would be like that when their son is in danger, Taehyung, aish" Yoongi said, rolling his eyes at the now rubbing the back of his head Taehyung.
"Sorry" The sixth alpha said, sighing as he continues on watching the Jeons.

"We need to find him" Mr Jeon said in a deep voice, sending shivers down the six alphas spines. They all nodded before transforming into their wolf forms.

"Weak, you two are weak" Sooshik says, hand gripping harshly on Jungkook's cheeks. The younger continued to cry as the grip on his face hurts, his body also hurt as "Kihyun" punched him.
"Astrid really thinks she's stronger than me, wrong" Sooshik says as he starts to maniacally laughs. As for Astrid, she's growling as she looks at the laughing demon. Sooshik was about to slap Jungkook again when something hit him, different scents was combined and by the smells of it, it's from an alpha, many alphas.

"I'm not done with you yet" He says, voice and eyes darkening as he walks out. Jungkook looks around, smelling the familiar scents.
"Don't scream, Jungkook, Sooshik might hear you" Jungkook heard Astrid say, so he nodded and kept quiet. The younger saw the red eyes that stared at him, he smiles, relief that they found him.
"Hyungs" Jungkook whisper shouted, the said males walking out of the dark. Astrid then took over Jungkook's body.

"Why are you guys here, it's dangerous!" She whisper shouts, confusing the six.
"We needed to save our mate" Namjoon says, earning a roll of the eyes from "Jungkook".
"I'm not Jungkook yet, but you guys need to hide, he's here" She says before making Jungkook back to control. The six panicked, not knowing where to hide. The youngest notices their panicked expression, so he uses his power to make them disappear.

The door opened and Sooshik walked in. Looking at Jungkook, he nods to himself before sitting down on the couch.

"We need to have something to help him"

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