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Jungkook was walking at the forest, not knowing what danger hide behind it. He likes being in the forest and it calms him down, his boyfriends wasn't with him as they were busy with school works, you know, that hardships of being a senior 😆. He heard some twigs being stepped on, so he immediately turns his head around. He didn't see anything, only a deer that was looking around.

He looks back to his direction, not seeing anything as all he saw was black...

"I finally got you" Jungkook heard someone say, followed with a terrifying laugh. His slowly looks up, his eyes still droopy. His head also hurts, his surrounding spinning around.
"You're finally awake, Ggukie ah" Jungkook recognizes this voice, it was Kihyun and he used the nickname he used to call him when they were little.
"Let's have some fun, shall we?" Kihyun said before slapping Jungkook, the younger's head turning to the side from the impact.

The younger whimpers, feeling the stinging pain on his cheek.
"That was only a slap, why are you whimpering?" The older said as he scoffed, making a thinking face before grabbing the younger's face harshly.
"Let me go tell your Mommy and Daddy that I have you" Kihyun said before disappearing into thin air. Now, Jungkook was left all alone in a dark place, with only Astrid comforting him.

"Why is Jungkook not here? He told us he's here" Jin says as he started to get worried. They were at the forest, looking around for Jungkook.
'Get here fast, now!'

All of them was mindlinked by Mr Jeon who sounded panicked. They all used their super speed to get there faster.

"What happened, Mr and Mrs Jeon?" Jimin asks, looking around the house.
"We don't know, but Kihyun--" Mr Jeon was cut off as Taehyung looks at him.

"Who's Kihyun?"

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