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(Valentine's again 🤣🙄)

Jungkook walks to his locker, opening it only to gasps as he saw what's inside. His locker was full of love letters, roses, plushies and chocolates(I don't know how it fit there, just imagine). He looks around, only to be embraced which he recognized by the scent.

"Hyungies!" Jungkook exclaimed, jumping up and down in his boyfriends embrace. The six alphas chuckled, letting the omega go.
"Did you like our presents?" Jin asks as he looks at the younger's big doe eyes.
"Yes, I like it! I have another collection of plushies and chocolates to eat!" Jungkook said as he gets the six plushies which were different kinds of animals.

"Ah, ah, not too much chocolates, just one, okay?" Jin demanded, the younger nodded and opening one of the chocolate. They started walking with the younger eating his chocolate happily.

"Ggukie, we're having a date tonight" Namjoon said, the younger getting his phone. Jungkook dialled his father, hearing a few rings before it was answered.

"Jungkook? Where are you, I'm waiting outside the school"
"Wait Dada, I'm just talking with my boyfriends"
"Okay, but be fast"
"Oh, I almost forgot, can we go to the mall?"
"Yes, but why?"
"Me and the hyungs are having a date"
"Ohhh~~, okay"
"Bye, bunny"

Jungkook ended the call, pocketing his phone and turning to the others.
"I'm going now, hyung, what time is the date?" He asks.
"At 7" Hoseok answered, giving the youngest a kiss on the forehead. They all took turns on kissing the youngest until he had to go now.
"Bye, Hyungies!" Jungkook saud before going out the school.

"Ready to buy some clothes?"

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