Chapter 8

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John's POV~

The hell are Maranon Chocolates?

"What's that?"

Danny rolled his eyes at me and stretched his arms out, covering a soft yawn. "They're chocolates."

Well no duh. "I knew that!"

"If you knew that, why the hell did you even ask me?"

Groaning, I pinched the bridge of my nose. Sometimes Danny can be a pain in the ass. "I wanted to know what Maranon Chocolates are but I know the fact that they're chocolates."

Danny made an 'O' shape with his mouth, clearly understanding what I meant now. "Then I have no idea."

I gave him the 'are-you-kidding-me' look. How the hell does he not know what they are! He's the one who told me to get Maranon Chocolates for Amanda! What, did he magically came up with a name to give me at random?

"Then why would you tell me to get those for her?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "Heard it somewhere on the net before. They seem pretty popular."

Popular? Does that mean they're hard to find...? I really hope not. I need to show Amanda that I really am sorry. I didn't mean to say that about her, it just came out wrong.

"Does that mean they're hard to get?"

"Probably," he mumbled, shutting his eyes. Rubbing his eyelids a few times, he grabbed his blanket, pulling it up toward his neck. I heard a content sigh and he was out in seconds.

Great, leave me alone why don't you? I guess I'll search them up then.

Heading to my side of the room, I powered up my laptop, wanting to try to find these special candies. When the home screen for Google popped up, I typed 'Maranon Chocolate' in the search bar. Soon, pages and pages of results came up. I clicked on the first link I saw and started reading:

Peruvian treasure.

Rarest Cacao Beans.

World's rarest chocolate.

Seeing these words on the home page made me a little scared. What if I can't find these chocolates? Then what...? Maybe I can just get her a Snickers bar or something. She did say, “surprise me.” But on the other hand, if I get these for her she would totally forgive me. I mean, how could she not? They're rare! And I'm pretty sure that means they're hard to find.

Making up my mind to find these for her, I scrolled through the website, trying to find a location I could buy them at. I need them today.

Finally after searching for half an hour, I found a store nearby. Well, the closest I could find anyways—it was in Pennsylvania. The store was called Hot&Cold, whatever that means. But they had the chocolates so I wasn't complaining.

Glancing down at my watch, I saw that it was a quarter to nine, meaning I have about four hours to drive there and back before my one o'clock class starts. Since the place is about four hours away from where I live, it'll take me at least eight hours before I get back home.

The end result: I will have to miss my class for this. I guess if it's for Amanda, missing one class will be fine. I can always have Danny take notes for me or something.

Padding my way over to Danny, I tapped his shoulder. When he didn't move, I shoved him. He groaned, but only rolled over.

Leaning down a bit, I took in a big gulp of air before I screamed, "Wake up already!" into his ear. His eyes snapped open as he abruptly sat up, his forehead crashing into mine with a loud 'bang.' Next thing I know, my back had connected with the hard floor before dizziness washed over me.

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