Chapter 18

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Amanda's POV~

Fate is on his side today?

Okay, sure we're partners for the project, but so what? It's not like I'll be talking to him. I'll probably be talking to Zuri throughout the whole project. There's no way I'm talking to him directly unless I absolutely need to.

Shaking my head, I locked my phone and slide it back into my pocket.

One minute later, I felt the variations again.

Ugh. What does he want now!?

Stuffing my hand into my right pocket, my eyes flickered down to the text message.

'I don't see why you're still ignoring my texts. Did I hurt you that badly? I thought we were friends :/ - Neal'

Friends? We stopped being friends when you lied to me. 

Shutting my phone, I threw it in my bag.  

For the next few hours, everything went rather smoothly. I typed up notes on my laptop, and I even got to chat with Zuri more. It was perfect, mostly because I didn't get one interruption from Neal.

Well that was into the class was over.

"So, ladies, want to get together today?" Neal asked, as I felt his presence behind me.  

I turned to Zuri. "What's your number?" I knew I was being childish, but so what? I have the right to ignore him.


Once I jot that down, I grabbed my bag, and stuffed the piece of paper inside it.

"I'll text you." I gave her a small smile, before I swung my bag over my shoulder.

"Um... shouldn't I also get her number?" Neal asked, probably looking between the two of us.

"She said it out loud." I rolled my eyes. "Weren't you listening?"

He coughed awkwardly. "Um no."

"Zuri, say your number again."

As I look at her, I knew she was sensing some tension between us. The look on her face said it all. But surprisingly she didn't comment on it. All she did was face Neal and started repeating her number again.

I took that chance to run.

I couldn't be near him right now. Talking to him was bad enough, but being in his presence, that's torture. Seeing those green eyes, his dorky smile—ugh why am I thinking about this now? I shouldn't be daydreaming about him. He shouldn't even be in my head in the first place!

"Amanda! Wait!" I heard Neal cried as heavy footsteps pounded right behind me.

Shit. Why didn't I run faster!?

Picking up my speed, I raced down the three steps of stairs, turning right as I headed into the hallway. Turning my neck a bit, I saw Neal pushing past people, saying 'sorry' as he did so.

Looking up ahead, I pulled the strap on my bag closer towards my body. Zigzagging around the mass bodies of students, I made a left turn before I bolted up the stairs.

"Amanda! Wait up!" Neal screamed, his voice a bit winded.

No way am I stopping now.

Pushing my legs to go faster, I ran.

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