Chapter 9

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Cover to the right is made by _keziah_ :)


Amanda's POV~

"Even if the sky falls down, it does not matter, I will not regret. No matter how heavy the burden, I will carry it. Just say okay, and come with me. So take my hand and baby don't let go. You got me going crazy, crazy, crazy"

I groaned as I rolled over, searching for my iPod. When I finally had the device in my hand, the bright light hit my face, blinding me a bit.

Ugh, so not awake yet. But at least it woke me up.

I hit some buttons and the song stopped. Placing my iPod back on my stand, I lifted the covers, covering a soft yawn. I ran my hands through my hair a few times to try to get some of the knots out, but yelped when I pulled my hair a bit too roughly. Giving up, I tied it in a messy bun instead. I'll brush it later.

Making my way towards my closet, I grabbed a cami and some jeans. I was about to head to the bathroom when my phone beeped, signaling I had a new text message. Grabbing it off the dresser, I unlocked it, clicking on the message.

'Hey, you up for lunch today?'

It was from Jeyleen. I smiled, happy she wasn't mad that John and I skipped out on her dare the other night. I hadn't seen her since then, so I was slightly worried she was avoiding me.

'Sure! Is it just us?' I texted back quickly and closed the phone, placing it back down.


When I was done with my shower, I saw the flashing light on my phone, indicting me that Jeyleen probably texted back. Well I was in the shower for a while...

'Nope. John and Danny are coming too.'

'Is McDonald's good for you?'

'Oh and meet me at my dorm at noon. Hopefully you don't have a noon class today. My dorm number is 64A by the junior hall.'

'Amanda! Answer me back!'

'Where are you?'

'You're a slow texter -.-'

'Did you die or something?'

These were all the texts I've gotten from Jeyleen since I'd been in the shower. I checked the time on my phone, it was only eight-thirty AM. That means I've only been away for about thirty minutes. Did she really think I had died in that short span of time? Oh, Jeyleen... She's special alright.

'No Jeyleen, I didn't die. I was in the bathroom.'

In ten seconds flat, my phone flashed with another message.

'Well, you could have told me! I thought something happened!'

I stared at the screen blankly. Did she really think something happened to me? I wasn't gone for too long... maybe she's just a natural worrier.

'Sorry, I'll make sure to tell you next time.'

'Good! So is lunch okay for you?'

Man, this girl is fast at replying! I don't even have to wait a minute before I get a reply.

'Yeah. I have a nine o'clock class today, so I'll meet you when I'm done.'

'Sounds good! See ya :)'

Shutting down my phone, I tucked it away in my back pocket before I grabbed the light jacket I had hanging on my chair and swung it over me, slipping it on. Taking the bag I had already packed last night, I placed it over my shoulder, ready to go.

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