Chapter 11

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Amanda's POV~

After the awkward car ride to the church, we finally arrived at Spring Hill, where Alex was getting married to his bride Jenna in a few hours.

As the limo stopped, John practically raced out the nearest car door, slamming it on his way out. I watched as he ran up the entryway, opening one of the two large doors as his body disappeared inside. Guess he's still moody.

"Oh wow, this is so beautiful!" Jeyleen exclaimed, her eyes glued to the imposing edifice.

She was right, it was absolutely beautiful. The craftsmanship was amazingly done—like a castle from England. The main entry was arched with a stained glass window right above it, topped with a big black cross. The gray-shaded building was fabricated with brick walls and circular windows that lined up with the large angel in the center.

If this is what the church looks like from the outside, I can't wait to see the inside; I'm sure Jenna made the whole place completely perfect.

"Come on, let's go inside," Izzy said, a smile plastered on her face.

We all nodded, following after her and Thomas.

I quietly followed behind Jeyleen and Danny as I stared at the church in awe, not being able to get over its beauty. The only sound you could hear was the clicking of our heels on the cement pathway.

As soon as Thomas opened the door for Izzy, I was blown away. The inside was... magical. The church floor was covered in pink rose petals. They lined up with a long carpet like the kind you see at movie premiers but instead of it being red, it was white. Bouquets of pink roses with long flowing bows decorated the ends of each pew.

The lights were dimmed and flowers were wrapped around every chandelier in sight. An arch made out of pink flowers and two big red roses on the top stood right in front of the altar. It was simple, yet beautiful at the same time. Now I know why the theme was pink.

"Jenna did an amazing job on this," Izzy said to no one in particular.

"What makes you think she did all the work?" asked a voice from behind.

I smiled; I'd know that voice anywhere. Without even turning around, I knew it was Alex as soon as I saw Izzy's face light up. She ran full speed ahead and attacked him. He held out his strong arms for her, wrapping them around her.

"He's lucky he's getting married," I heard Thomas mumble next to me.

I giggled. Jealous as always.

"How are you, Isabella?" He smiled, his dirty blond hair falling over his eyes a bit.

"Great!" she said cheerily. "What about you?"

His ocean blue eyes twinkled, his smile big and bold. "Awesome, I'm getting married to the most wonderful girl in the world in less than an hour. My life is perfect."

"Speaking of the bride, where is she?" I asked before Izzy could squeak in 'cuteness.'

He pointed behind him. "In the back room with her sister and mom." His eyes flickered behind me, finally seeing Danny and Jeyleen.

"Are you John's guests?" he guessed. "I think he went to the bathroom or something..."

They both nodded, with Jeyleen peeking at Alex shyly.

"Nice to meet you guys then," he said politely, holding out his hand.

"Likewise," Danny spoke, shaking his hand. Alex moved on to Jeyleen, grinning. Her cheeked reddened as she hid behind Danny more.

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