Chapter 21

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John's POV~

“Get out.”

She gasped, her face a mix between confusion and anger. “What?”

I rolled my eyes at her. Did she not get it? Or is she dumb? “I said, get out.”

“You're serious?”

I nodded. Even though she's hot with curves in all the right places, she wasn't cutting it for me anymore. Her skills are horrible. That blonde chick was better than her, and she was so whiny. I mentally gagged thinking about her.

“Well duh,” I told her, standing up. “Why else would I tell you to go?” Zipping up my zipper, I patted down my shirt, stretching my back muscles.

“W-was I not good?” she mumbled quietly, biting her pink lips.

I step forward. “Do you want the hard truth or a sugarcoated lie?” I was fine telling her either or, but I'll leave it up to her.

“The truth.” Even though she said that, I could tell she wasn't ready for the truth, so I lied.

“You were fine,” I said, giving her a crooked smile, “but you just don't do it for me.” Within, two seconds, she went from smiling like a idiot, to crying like a baby.

“You know what?” she said in between cries, “I didn't believe them when they said you're a jerk, but they're right. You, John Ace are a cold-hearted asshole.”

Fixing her top, she ran past me with tears streaming down her face. Did it hurt? Yes. But she was right. I was a cold-hearted bastard. I already know that, but I couldn't stop what I was doing. I needed release, but it was never satisfying. No matter what I do, I didn't feel that pleasure or that spark I had once before.

And, this was all because of her.


Danny's POV~

“What do you think John is doing right now?”

“Probably kicking her out,” I told Jeyleen. It's always the same routine with him. Get laid, and then kick her out without any regrets. Though his habits are getting worse and worse. He wasn't this bad last year. But then again he wasn't here for most of the year. He was with his little sister, helping her though a rough time in her life. Now, where's that John when it comes to other girls?

“Probably,” she agreed, nodding her head. “Though he should really stop playing with these girl's hearts.”

“You know he's not going to.”

“Maybe if he just admit his feelings—”

I rolled my eyes. “Admit his feelings? Like he will ever do that. I bet he doesn't even realize the way he looks at her.” Or the way he's been hurting her.

She smirked. “Like the way you look at her?” 

I blushed. “I d-do not!”

She giggled, probably laughing at my reddening face. “Then why are you blushing?”

“B-because I . . . um—”

“Face it Danny. We're twins. You can't hide anything from me!” she sung, her smile a bit too big. She's enjoying this way too much. 

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