Chapter 29

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John's POV~

My eyes widened into saucers when I realized her lips were against mine. And damn, did it felt good—like they belonged there. But before I even had the chance to kiss her back, she started pulling away, letting out a loud gasp.

“I am so sorry,” she started babbling, her face the definition of red. “I didn't mean to do that so su—”

She didn't get to finish her sentence, when I silenced her with my lips. I knew I shouldn't be doing this, but she made the first move. She had kissed me first, and I needed to taste her again. A peck on the lips just wasn't enough for me.

Pulling her body flushed against mine, my hands automatically went to her cheeks, feeling the warmth radiating off her skin. She was hesitant at first, as she stood there, unmoving, probably in shock. But as I began to move my lips, urgently, almost desperately with hers, she started responding. And that's when I felt it; the spark. The long forgotten feeling behind a true kiss; love. And I wanted more of that feeling. No, more like my body craved for it.

So, I did just that. Biting her bottom lip, I rolled it between my rough ones, teasing her. Hearing her quiet moan, I inhaled her sweet scent, groaning when I felt the rush of heat going down south. Ignoring my 'little problem', I flicked my tongue out, tasting her soft, strawberry coated lips. Just as she was about to grant me permission in, a loud cough interrupted us.

“Hope I'm not disturbing you guys,” Danny said awkwardly, his eyes flashing hurt before they returned back to normal.

My eyes narrowed at that. What was that about? Before I could even ask, Amanda's voice, pipped up.

“Um, I-I ah, I,” she stuttered, her face blushing bright red, “I need to go,” she said, brushing passed me and Danny, not looking at neither of us.

Shit. Did I go too far?


“Let her go,” Danny mumbled, shutting the door, locking it in the process. “I need to talk to you anyways.”

“Ah, can this wait?” I have to talk to Amanda. Because, now that I got a taste of that, I can't let her go. I need to make sure she didn't regret kissing me. “I have to see—”

“No,” he said, his voice authoritative even though he was younger than me, “sit down.”

I was about to argue this, when I saw the serious expression on his face. I was a bit taken a back, since Danny was never like this, unless it was very important. 

Giving the door once last look, I did what he said and sat down on the corner of my bed.

“Fine. What do you need to talk about?”

Using his crutches, he moved to the seat in front of me. Once his crutches was balanced next to his desk, he turned, and faced me.

“Do you like her?” he asked suddenly.

My eyebrows knotted down in confusion. This is what he needed to talk about!? “Ah well, yeah,” I answered him anyways. “You did walk in on us, kissing.”

He twitched at the last word, blinking his eyes. “I know,” he spoke, taking a deep breath, running his hands through his dark locks. “I meant, do you really like her?”

I still had no idea where he was going with this, but nevertheless, I spoke, “Of course I do.”

“I see.” He nodded, leaning against his seat, as he studied me intensely. “So, that means you won't break her heart like you did with Jeyleen's?”

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