Chapter 15

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Amanda's POV~

After everyone went back to watching the movie, I couldn't help but look at Neal. Could John be telling the truth? Or was it just John being overprotective like he was with Izzy and Thomas? I mean, he did say I was his like ‘sister,' and knowing John like I do, he thinks every guy is suspicious when it comes to his family.

“Amanda...” Neal spoke sadly, “can we please talk?” he whispered quietly in my ear, not wanting the others to hear him.

After thinking long and hard about it, I nodded. Might as well hear what he had to say. It's not like he's given me any doubt so far. Maybe it's just John.

He smiled, breathing out a sigh of relief. He moved his head towards the direction of the back room, indicating to follow after him. I got out right after him, whispering to Izzy, “I'll be right back.” She lowered her head, acknowledging me.

Padding my way up the ramp, Neal held the door open for me, bowing like he did with the limo door.

“After you, m'lady,” he said in a horrible British accent.

I giggled, covering my laugh. “You know Neal, you should really work on that.”

He pouted, sticking his bottom lip out. “Meanie.”

I fake-gasped, slapping him lightly on the shoulder. “I am not!”

He laughed, throwing his head back. “Alright, alright. You're not a meanie.”

I smiled in triumph. “Good.”

Walking past him, I blindly searched for the lights. As I felt my way around the smooth wall, my hand brushed soft skin.

“That’s not the light switch, Amanda. That’s my hand.” He chuckled softly as he removed my hand with his other hand. A second later, he flipped the switch on.

As the room brightened up, my brown orbs blinked rapidly, quickly adjusting to the change of lighting.

“Sorry,” I mumbled, taking my hand back, clutching it against myself.

“It’s okay.” He smiled, his eyes twinkling. “Now, about what John said...” he drifted off, avoiding eye contact. Scratching the back of his head, he nervously bit his lip. “I-I’m not exactly sure—”

“What he’s talking about?” I finished for him.

His mint green eyes flickered up to mine, surprised. “Um, yeah,” he said, looking like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. “I don’t really know what he was talking about. I think he just hates me.”

I laughed. “Maybe,” I said, agreeing with him. Whatever John was mumbling about, I’m pretty sure he was just seeing things again. Neal wasn’t a bad guy; he was harmless. He couldn’t even hurt a fly. ‘Bad’ guys don’t take care of orphan girls, or take a job at McDonald's just so he could buy her nice things.

"So... does that mean you believe me?" Neal asked as he shifted back and forth on his feet, awaiting my answer. I couldn't exactly see his face, seeing as he was staring at the ground.

"No," I told him flat out.

His head immediately snapped up and I saw clear anguish in his eyes. I knew then that he was telling the truth.

"Y-you don't?" he asked as his voice broke. He looked like a mess, about to cry. I didn't think he would take it so seriously. I was just messing around.

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