Chapter 10

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Cover to the right is made by AmbarDriscoll :D


Amanda's POV~

John stared blankly at me, giving me a 'who-the-hell-is-that' look.

"Who?" he voiced, staring at me in bewilderment.

"Alex Sharp," I repeated his name, motioning my hands in circles, hoping it would jog his memory or something. "You know, Izzy's old trainer? The guy you used to hate...?"

He cracked a smile. "I know." He chuckled. "I was just kidding. How could I forget Alex?"

I rolled my eyes at him, turning to the twins. Him and his jokes. "That was Isabella, John's little sister, and my best friend." I pointed to my phone, located safely in my bag. "Alex, our friend, is getting married next weekend, and we're invited," I explained, pointing to John and I.

They nodded their heads, the confusion gone from their faces.

"Oh, you mean Bell?" Danny asked, stepping forward.

"That would be correct." I faced John, regretting it the moment I saw him making out with no-name. She was pressed tightly against him, locking her arms around his neck as he bent down, holding her close. They were practically sucking each others' faces off in front of us.

I fake-coughed, trying to get their attention.

When that didn't work, I yelled his name.

His blue orbs snapped open, looking up at me in a daze.

"Yeah?" he asked breathlessly, his voice a bit husky.

Trying to ignore the pain in my chest, I took a deep breath, calming myself down. "Alex said we can bring a guest to the wedding if we want."

The tiny girl opened her mouth, finally doing something other than making out with John. "Oh! Can I go?" she gushed. "I love weddings!"

John raised his hand, placing it gently on her head. "I'm sorry babe, I can't." He looked at her with a sorry expression, apologizing with his eyes.

She pouted, about to fake-cry. "W-why not?"

"I'm already bringing the twins." He pointed to them.

She gave them a death glare out of the corner of her eye as she clung onto his arm. "But she said one guest! You can't bring more than one."

He sighed, twisting out of her hold. "They're a package deal, sweetie."

"B-but I thought you liked me!" she whined. Oh God... Her voice! Make it stop!

He raised his eyebrow at her, backing away two steps. "Honey, we're just hanging out. I never liked you."

Her face fell, her eyes glancing down in sadness. Looking at her now, I almost felt... bad. No one really deserved that kind of pain, not even her. "I-I hate you!" she cried out, giving John a nasty glare before she kicked him in the shin and ran away.

"Shit!" he cursed, grabbing his shin as he hopped on one foot. "She's got a kick," he mumbled, his face twisting up in agony.

"You deserved that, man." Danny patted his back, clutching his stomach in laughter. "What was that, the second girl this week?"

"Ugh... I'm not sure?" He paused, his eyes flashing, "Don't just stand there laughing at me! Help me!"

That just made Danny laugh even louder. When his laughter died down he wiped his invisible tears away before nodding. "Fine, give me your hand."

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