Chapter 1

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WARNING: if you have not read My High School Life (Book One in the My Life Series) do not read on, unless you want spoilers/are not planning on reading the first book. I am currently editing the series, so please be patience.


John's POV~

The feeling of her skin was soft under my fingers. Everywhere I could touch, I touched; from the soft crease of her neck down to her left arm, all the way to her finger tips. Moving my hands to the hem of her shirt, I rubbed the tip of my fingers at the spot where her shirt and belt met. Slowly my lips moved down her neck, igniting the fire within me, giving me a reason to touch her more, to feel her more. I wanted to be as close to her as possible, but everything I did wasn't enough; I wanted more. Breathing in the rich scent of solely her, I felt it; the desire. Just when I was about to sneak my hand under her shirt, a loud irritating noise sounded in the room, killing the mood.

I groaned, stepping away from her. Snatching my phone from my back pocket, I glared at it. This better be good.

I flipped the phone opened angrily. "What?" I barked loudly.

"John?" a soft voice rang out. She sounded almost confused, and a little bit scared.

My eyes widened when I realized who it was. I covered the phone and cleared my throat, then took a deep breath and placed the phone back against my ear. "Hey Bell."

"W-what's wrong? You sounded angry." I could feel my stomach twisting at her terrified tone. I've never wanted Bell to see this side of me, and I'd almost screwed up. Why didn't I check the caller ID before I picked up?

I bit my lip, chewing nervously. "My laptop died."

"Your laptop died." She laughed. "And you got mad?"

I nodded, forgetting she couldn't see me. "Yeah." It could happen right? "Anyways, how are you Bell?"

"I'm doing good. You?"

My eyes flicked down to the annoying blonde girl whining my name, motioning me with her fingers to get back in bed. Too bad she doesn't do it for me anymore. Now looking at her closely, I realized she wasn't even that pretty. What was I thinking? Oh yeah, I wanted release. "I'm great," I lied, facing away from the girl. "How's Thomas?"

"Great!" she said cheerily; with happy energy just oozing through the phone. "We're about to get ready to leave."

"For college?" I asked. I was hoping Bell would go to the same college as me, but I knew that wouldn't work. She wanted to go far away, but at least Thomas would protect her. He's the only guy beside Jason I trusted around my little sister, and if either of them makes her cry, I will break their faces.


I smiled, knowing she's finally growing up. "Is Amanda going with you?" Even though Amanda wasn't going to the same college as her best friend, nothing could tear their strong bond apart, not even a 160-mile distance.

The line suddenly went dead quiet, but I knew she was still there. Her breathing gave her away. "Um... John, I-I need to tell you something."

Slightly confused with her change of topic, I listened quietly as she went on. "There's no easy way to say this but—"

"Please don't tell me Lily has a boyfriend." Lily is my other baby sister, and even though she's only ten years old, she's gotten so many admirers already. Maybe if she wasn't so adorable none of this would've happened. Curse my family genes.

"It's not about that, it's about—"

I cut her off. "Then what is it?"

"Well... if you stop interrupting me, maybe you'll know."

I let out a long sigh. "You're right. What is it?"


Just when she was about to tell me, the doorbell rang, drowning her voice out. "Um, hold on a second, someone is at the door."

Placing the phone in my hand, I walked past the blonde on my bed, ignoring her. God, what was I thinking? Rolling my eyes at her, I twisted the knob, thinking Danny was on the other side. He'd probably forgotten his keys or something... again.

I smirked. "Did you forget your keys—"

When the door fully opened, I didn't see dark hair and blue eyes; instead I saw light brown eyes and pin-straight brown hair. My eyes grew wide, taking her in.


Her smile widened, but dropped when she took my body in. Confused, my eyes traveled downwards. I mentally slapped myself. I wasn't wearing a shirt! Great... no wonder why she wasn't smiling. She's probably freaked out or something.

"Um... listen if this is—"

I slammed the door in her face. My back connected with the door as I slid down to the floor. Putting the phone back to my ear, I calmly called Bell's name.


"Why the hell didn't you tell me Amanda was here at my college!?"

She giggled. "Surprise."

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