Chapter 19

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Cover to the right made by OneKissandGoodnight :)



Amanda's POV~

'Be there in like ten minutes.' I texted Zuri. 

Looking up, I saw an impatient looking John tapping his foot, as he eyes pointed to the door, telling us to get out. 

Putting my laptop away, I grabbed my bag, pushing pass John and the stupid bimbo. Hearing steps behind me, I knew Danny and Jeyleen was following me out the door.

Once the footsteps stopped, I heard a loud slam. Turning around, I saw the closed door. Immediately I heard kissing and groaning.


The hell do I even like a manwhore?

Oh yeah . . . because sometimes that idiot can be a total sweetheart. 

"Where does he even find half of these girls?" Jeyleen asked, gagging at the noises she heard.

"You're not jealous?" I questioned, even though I wanted to ask her if they were even together in the first place. She's not even mad or anything. She's repulsed for crying out loud!

She tilt her head. "Huh?" 

"You're not jealous that John is together with that thing?" I probed, pointing at the door.

"No," she answered, "why would I be?" She gave me a confused look, waiting for me to explain what I meant.

"You guys aren't together?" 

I held my breath as I looked at her. Her answer could possibly break me. 

She continued staring at me, not moving an inch. Ten seconds later, she opened her mouth, and she burst out laughing. Clutching her stomach, she bend over, as her growing laughter echoed around the empty hallway.

"You." Laughs. "Think." Another laugh, "I was dating John!?" she said in between laughs.

"You weren't?" Then that kiss....?

"Hell no," she said, wiping the escaped tears away. "I would never date John after freshman—" She didn't get to finish her sentence when Danny covered her mouth, mumbling out whatever she was going to say.

"Freshman year?" I asked, slightly confused. What happened freshman year?

"Nothing," Danny said quickly, acting suspicious. "Anyways why did you think John and Jeyleen were together?" he added after.

Jeyleen swatted his hand away, giving him a playful glare. "Yeah, I would like to know too."

"Well . . . at Izzy's house during the break, you guys all went to the bathroom, and I was too until I saw John kissing Jeyleen, so I just thought . . ." I drifted off, letting the sentence hang, hoping they knew what I was talking about.

It took a second, but Jeyleen's eyes lit up in recognition. "Oh that!" she said, snapping her fingers. "You saw wrong."

"Wait a minute, John kissed you!?" Danny bellowed out at the same time Jeyleen said, 'you saw wrong'.

"No!" Jeyleen cried defending herself. "Like I said, Amanda saw wrong."

Danny tapped his foot, crossing his arms across his chest. "Enlighten me on how she saw wrong."

Rolling her eyes, she faced me again, giving me a small smile. "Look, he never kissed me. He kissed the corner of my lip, kissing my cheek."

She held a finger towards Danny. "And before, Danny cuts in, he kissed me to thank me. I was helping him with you throughout the night."

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